An Interview With: Vogg (Decapitated)
23rd September 2015, 18:21
Posted by Chris

Decapitated stunned the world with their release ‘Blood Mantra‘ over a year ago, and we got to interview the maestro who made it all, Vogg. We ask a few questions about the change in sound with the album, life on the road, and just how he writes his brilliantly complex music.

With Decapitated taking a short break from their busy touring schedule we got the opportunity to catch up with the band’s mainman, as he excitedly awaits the birth of his second child. We ask about a follow up to ‘Blood Mantra‘, line-up changes and finding time to write new music in the band’s hectic schedule.

Read an excerpt from the interview, and listen to the full interview below!

When asked about the writing process leading up to ‘Blood Mantra’…

….in 2013 I was really worried about the line-up of the band. Our drummer Kerim Lechner has left the band together with the bass player [Filip ‘Henrich’ Halucha] and I was having a huge problem finding new members. This time had so many changeds, looking for new musicians and looking for a better manager for the band. Everything was changing. But now we feel so much stronger as a band, we have a really strong line-up right now, we have new management which I feel really lucky and happy about, we are in good hands. Looking to the future we have some plans for next year.

But more about the writing process – it took some time as I was writing the album by myself. I was writing the album here in the room I am talking to you! I wrote all the guitars, drums, bass and vocal lines. Typically I have always worked with a drummer, but because of the line-up issues I didn’t have a drummer. I had to program MIDI drums as I was in a terrible situation without a drummer. If you want to make music you need a drummer who is really good, and has been in the band a while to understand the music. I was like ‘Oh shit! How am I going to write all this without the drummer?!’…

Listen to more of the interview below!