An Interview With: Janne Wirman (Children of Bodom)
29th September 2015, 10:57
Posted by Chris

As melodic death metal maestros prepare to release their new studio album, we catch up with the shredder behind the Children of Bodom keys, Janne ‘Warman’ Wirman to ask a few questions about how the hate crew party will keep rolling in ‘I Worship Chaos‘.

We uncover a few unturned stones asking Janne about the sudden departure of long time guitarist Roope Latvala, touring in unusual parts of the world, and just what ‘I Worship Chaos‘ actually means…

Read an extract below and listen to the full interview in the Soundcloud link at the bottom of the page!

So are there any new influence of the album [‘I Worship Chaos’]? 

I don’t know about new influences, but one thing we did do on this album that had an impact on the sound was we tuned the guitars a step lower than before. So that makes it darker…more brutal…I think that’s the biggest change in the overall whole album.

Was that thought of before when Alexi [Laiho] was writing the riffs? Thinking ‘Oh let’s tune it down this time and make it a bit different’…

I think for whatever reason we were sitting in the rehearsal room practising in our normal CoB tuning, but the guitar he was writing the riffs with was one more step down, but said that ‘this sounds a lot better when I play it at home’. So we decided to drop everything down for the album. That’s what makes it pretty brutal.

So you are going to have more guitars to bring with you on stage now?

No, no. I think we are just going to simplify it and drop everything down…