An Interview With: Georgij Makazaria (Russkaja)
13th July 2015, 15:35
Posted by Chris

We catch up with the absolute gentleman known as Georgij Makazaria from the forerunners of turbo polka – Russkaja. We share banter on the band’s history, Wacken Open Air and their upcoming album ‘Peace, Love & Russian Roll‘.

Before Russkaja played their recent show in Hamburg, Georgij took some time out to share words with us and describe how Russkaja has become so well received in metal earning a deal with Napalm Records, and being one of the hottest properties in the metalverse despite playing what would be traditionally labelled as non-metal music.

Read an excerpt from the interview here, and listen to the full interview embedded below:

So Russkaja is not so well known in the UK, but we are very interested in your music! How did Russkaja start?

Yes, it is not so well known yet, but I hope it will change! It started 10 years ago, this year we are celebrating our 10th birthday. It all started years ago after I read this special book called ‘Russendisko’. It was written by a Russian writer who was living in Berlin named Wladimir Kaminer. And his book was an inspiration for our music, as I read there was a big scene in the city for people who liked this music. Then I met my friend Dimitrij who plays bass, and we just said ‘hey why don’t we try and start a band like this?’.

And you were living in Austria when you started the band?

Yes. I moved to Austria in 1989 and stayed there.

How did you convince other members to join Russkaja?

It was at a protest. It took some time, we had to find the right members of the band. We had to find people that had spirit…loved the music…and had the energy!


[laughs] Yes, Energia!