An Interview With: Fabio D’Amore (Serenity)
10th March 2016, 13:32
Posted by Chris

The international symphonic metal maestros have just released a new album entitled ‘Codex Atlanticus’. What we weren’t expecting that it is an absolute stunner! We interview bass-man Fabio D’Amore to find out the more intimate details of the album and just what shaped such a fine effort.

While Serenity have put out some fine efforts in the past, ‘Codex Atlanticus‘ has propelled itself to the top of the symphonic leagues with it’s emotion capturing diversity and massive songwriting. Fabio tells us what the album all means – the themes, the sounds, and all the sleepless nights that went into producing the album.

Read an extract of the interview here and listen to the full interview below:

‘Codex Atlanticus’ is so complex – just how long did it take to make the album?

Well…actually we concentrated everything in a little bit more than 2 months.

2 months?!

Yea – it sounds weird! But this is the way it is. We did not expect to tour that much in 2015, because we were taking the time to release the album quietly and without stress…but this was not possible! We had been busy touring anyway and we could not really rest and take our time for the ‘Codex Atlanticus’ record. So we had to rush and rush through the whole summer to get it released and delivered…I guess it was the 28th October when we finished it. So yea – that’s really been a miracle!

That’s unbelievable…considering the result…

[laughs] I also don’t believe it!

Did you sleep at all?

No. [laughs]

Just completely sleep-deprived then – I bet you were happy when the album was finished!

Yes! Relieved!

Listen to the rest of the interview below – believe me, there are a ton of interesting things about this album!