An Incineration Interview With : Lyn Jeffs (Ingested) 
3rd June 2015, 12:45
Posted by Tristan

Whilst we were soaking in the Black Metal madness that was Incineration Fest we were able to speak to multitude of fantastic people from the incredibly strong line up. One being, Lyn Jeffs drummer from Ingested.

Flying the the British flag for Death Metal the band have released their brand new album The Architect Of Extinction this year and we were lucky enough to see what the year has held among others, performing at one of the most prestigious festivals in Manchester, Impericon, What the artwork of the new album entails and what Ingested have been up to so far!

How has the new album been going down with the fans? 

Amazing man.

The best yet? 

I think so definitely, I think like I said , ever since we played that first show it’s really kicked off. We’ve had quite a busy year, you know busier than our previous years. Just the reception has been amazing, over here, in Europe and America, so we can’t really ask for anymore! 

I was going to say what will we be seeing later on in the year from Ingested, I know you have a tour coming called Devastation Of The Nation…

Yeah we’ve got our first US tour which we are excited about. It’s taken us a long time to get over there but we’re stoked, really stoked. That’ll be our kind of end of the year haha! Hopefully that will be the best way to end the year! 

You’ve got a really strong line up though, Origin , Krisiun, stuff like that people access stuff through Facebook and stuff like that, I’m sure you’ve got a lot of US fans! 

This is just an excerpt from our chat with Lynn, listen to the full thing below on our Soundcloud!

Ingested’s brand new album The Architect Of Extinction is out now via Century Media.