Allegaeon Announce Crowdfunding Campaign For Band
7th November 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Recently Bassist Corey had decided to leave the band in order to pursue another future in Law. Reevaluating their current status has led Allegaeon to effectively seek out the help from their fans, setting up a Patreon campaign to keep the band going. 

No doubt only one of the reasons for the band heading the way of Patreon, the reality of being a touring band has been hitting the news more and more recently. With the pioneers of the idea Ne Obliviscaris spearheading the movement, Allegaeon have opted to try and do the same. 

Staking their claim as to why fans should support the band the group released a small statement and video. Offering some pretty interesting perks the $250 top contribution per month features the following : 

  1. A customized ‘Thank You’ email
  2. An IOU for a group hug
  3. Membership to an exclusive online Allegaeon fanclub
  4. Early access to songs & videos
  5. An invite to a monthly Google Hangout AMA
  6. A care package full of Allegaeon merchandise
  7. Access to a video lesson filmed by a different member of the band each month
  8. A once monthly live music lesson from Greg
  9. Access to an exclusive weekly Twitch stream with Riley
  10. Early shipping and digital access to the re-release of the Allegaeon EP
  11. Automatic guest list entry to any and every show we play in your area
  12. Set list input for every show we play in your area
  13. A customized ALL ACCESS VIP laminate
  14. VIP backstage and soundcheck privileges for every show we play in your area
  15. Monthly video/phone chats with Brandon and/or Michael
  16. Dinner on us every time we are in your area
  17. A featured highlight in the Thank You section of our next album
  18. Any piece of Allegaeon merch once every three months.

The band will also be re-recording their debut EP and releasing this as well once they have the support backing them. 

After this the band were then slammed against their Patreon campaign by Mish Barber-Way from White Lung regarding their requirements. You can read the full thing here