Album Review : Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry
6th February 2017, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Appointing the orange faced, yellow capped figurehead that is our new wall building pal Trump, you could argue that America has somewhat lost their minds. However as much as those are the blind being led by the blind, there still retain some that are awake to the hypocrisy of the cabinets. Positioning their steely gaze to the likes of religion and it’s ludicrous nature, the bundle of kinetic energy that is Iron Reagan return with their sophomore release Crossover Ministry.


  1. A Dying World
  2. You Never Learn
  3. Grim Business
  4. Dead With My Friends
  5. No Sell
  6. Condition Évolution
  7. Fuck The Neighbours
  8. Power Of The Skull
  9. Crossover Ministry
  10. More War
  11. Blatant Violence
  12. Parents of Tomorrow
  13. Bleed The Fifth
  14. Megachurch
  15. Shame Spiral
  16. Dogsnotgods
  17. Eat Or Be Eaten
  18. Twist Your Fate

Length: 29:00
Label: Relapse Records
Release date: February 3rd 2017

Bursting into life, Iron Reagan, the love child of Municipal Waste and others bursts into life on “A Dying World” points the accusatory finger at that good old scapegoat, humanity. Not retaining just one angle the album’s lyrical content has multiple pillars holding up its ideals. “Condition Evolution” deals with the antiquated idea that evolution simply doesn’t exist, a frightening thought that has been indoctrinated, particularly in American culture. Borrowing traits from Thrash Metal the track is a fast and furious ripper.  From a musical standpoint Crossover Ministry has all the hallmarks of Thrash come Hardcore. After a solemn low tone piano introduction the distorted swagger of “Dead With My Friends” kicks into gear that would see many a flash mosh on our buses ignite. Particularly it’s mid solo section but it’s the crushing main riff that will no doubt lead to multiple stage dives live.

Retaining the anarchic screw you attitude, the snarking “Fuck The Neighbours” proves that just as much as the band can be serious there’s still that rebellious chutzpah behind them. Spitting in the face of authority the band craft bruiser style riffs which combined with the gang vocals makes for a brilliant tongue in cheek delivery. Ensuring that the band don’t slow too much there are the short, sharp shocks the likes of “No Sell” and “Power Of The Skull” who act as a perfect capsule l into the ethos of Iron Reagan. “Shame Spiral” borrowing from elements even as far as early nineties Death Metal echoing the likes of Napalm Death in “Dogsnotgods“.

At its heart however Crossover Ministry is eightheen brilliantly crafted tracks. Ranging in subject matter, speed and versatility. To offer a rogue revolutionary view from the perspective. A band that listeners would be just as at home discussing politics with its listeners or just sharing a beer at a Hardcore show. Antagonising anyone that comes into contact, Crossover Ministry’s bite is just as vicious as it’s bark. Iron Reagan have crafted another fantastic Hardcore record that will get fans fighting the establishment one mosh at a time.

Put it this way, Trump’s in trouble if someone were to turn up outside the White House with this blaring. Sharp wit, geniusely crafted songs and real fist pumping anthems lead Crossover Ministry to be leagues ahead of their peers.

If you liked what you read / heard then you can pick up the brand new album Crossover Ministry here!