Album Review : Asking Alexandria – The Black
24th March 2016, 17:15
Posted by Tristan

Change can often be a jarring thing, set in the ways of comfort it can sometimes be a much needed reawakening a key to understanding the vision of what you set out to do. Beginning their career with singer Danny Worsnop, Asking Alexandria were ticking all of the right boxes until suddenly the singer announced his departure. Fracturing the band slightly his decision began the band’s search for his replacement. Coming in the form of Denis Stoff the man was known for his covers of the band’s songs and was tapped by guitarist Ben Bruce to usher in a new era for the band.


  1. Let It Sleep
  2. The Black
  3. I Won’t Give In
  4. Sometimes It Ends
  5. The Lost Souls
  6. Just A Slave To Rock ‘n’ Roll
  7. Send Me Home
  8. We’ll Be OK
  9. Here I Am
  10. Gone
  11. Undivided
  12. Circled By The Wolves

Length: 49:00
Label: Sumerian Records
Release date: March 25th 2016

For those who are elitist and deem Asking Alexandria not trve metal then I suggest that you leave you now however for those with a slightly more open mind, read on. Whether you like it or not the band are very much flying the flag for the larger, younger Metal crowds of today. Title track “The Black” features an infectiously catchy chorus who’s slightly skittish vocals grow to be a brilliantly crafted chorus. Showcasing singer Stoff’s vocals no less, going through a dark period in their career translates onto the record “I Won’t Give In” sings defiant choruses no doubt about the band’s current state.

The likes of “Here I Am” see the band opt for something a little less heavy instead with the classic ballad theme coming through until it reaches its peak at the end where distortion cuts in to reveal another hook laden chorus. The more minimalist sections reserved for “Gone” which sees synthesizers accompany Stoff in a solo piece. There are elements of the unorthodox however, “Sometimes It Ends” for example is bookended with an interview extract from guitarist Ben Bruce achieving a clean slate. Creating a frank window into the world of the band as they were in this period. The anthemic chants of “Send Me Home” sure to be a huge crowd pleaser, hits home well and would translate phenomenally in a live setting.

Planned or unplanned a departure will be just as difficult for anyone. Deciding to surge forward with new singer Denis Stoff the band have created an album that stares into the face of adversity. Somewhat of a cathartic period in the bands life cycle The Black may be bleak but its a reminder that at times things can go awry and become out of place. Well written songs chock full of hooks both musical and vocal will have fans coming back for more and will no doubt see the rise of the band exponentionally increase. Having made his live debut with the band in front of 30,000 fans Stoff has well and truly been put through the paces, now unleashing their brand new album it has cemented his place in the bands line up. Reigniting their fire Asking Alexandria may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s undeniable the sheer passion the band puts into their performance and with deceptively catchy songs The Black is revitalised breath of fresh air from what could have been a death rattle.

Known for polarising Metalheads the world over Asking Alexandria have delivered an album that fans will adore, bringing to light the darker times and highlighting the future is definitely not certain.

If you like what you read / heard then you can pick up the brand new album here.