Album of the Year Christmas Countdown : Day Eight
8th December 2015, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

As the days become shorter and the nights become longer we move into day eight of our Album of the Year countdown, so far we have had :

  1. Jakub Zyteki – Wishful Lotus Proof
  2. Agent Fresco – Destrier
  3. Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow
  4. Tesseract – Polaris
  5. Unleash The Archers – Time Stands Still
  6. Lamb of God – VII : Sturm Und Drang
  7. Lindemann – Skills And Pills

The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal

Going for the jugular this year The Black Dahlia Murder decided to make the concept of hell their muse. The fiery pits of doom are excellently portrayed with the band’s artwork for Abysmal but what makes this macabre collage a masterpiece is the relentless song writing the band have adopted. Enlisting Arsis guitarist Ryan a knight back in the days of Deflorate the band have since become among the Death Metal elite.

Now on Knight’s fourth album and drummer Alan Cassidy’s second the line up has been cemented to be one of the best around in Modern a Death Metal. Remaining bloodied torch bearers the howls of “The Fog” or “Re-Faced” bring to life the gruesome story telling aspect of the band whilst musically the band are firing on all cylinders. Potentially one of the fastest drum tracks on record the blazing “Asylum” decimates everything in its position.

Understanding just what the macabre DNA makes up our Michigan monsters has helped them craft yet another Album of the Year. Building on the effort that was Everblack, Abysmal retains elements of the band whilst exploring different musical pastures. Not to mention the technicality of the band being absolutely on point. Though Death Metal shall unfortunately never return to its prime the likes of the nineties as long as The Black Dahlia Murder are its bannermen it will live on in all its decaying glory.

Fancy having the most Abysmal of Christmasses? Then order the album here!