5 Camel Songs For Hump Day
27th May 2015, 09:00
Posted by Chris

We have a mini-playlist for hump day that is of course camel inspired…

1. Kamelot – Nights of Arabia

Because camels live there…duh! And of course the bass line sounds like a camel bopping his head.


2. Nile – Defiling The Gates of Ishtar

Because when we think of the title, we think of a camel pooping on some ancient Egyptian relic. That’s exactly what Nile wrote about.


3. Blind Guardian – Wheel of Time

It’s a progressive Arabian epic to ride your camel to!


4. Epica – Cry For The Moon

The band formerly known as ‘Sahara Dust’ was born from fragrant camel tears. Bet you didn’t know that.


5. Death Metal Camel

He owns death metal. And if I didn’t include him on the list bad things could happen.