Could Will To Power Be Arch Enemy’s Most Important Release To Date?
23rd May 2017, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Announcing yesterday that the band have finished their work on brand new album Will To Power, we see why this could be one of the bands most exciting releases yet. 

Announcing the departure of vocalist Angela Gossow triggered a series of major line up changes. Adding Alyssa White-Gluz to the concoction, White-Gluz had the difficult task of following on from the Metal Maiden. Dropping their first single off the album titled the same, “War Eternal” had a lot of promise. Tied together with the Melodic harmonies of Michael Amott it was premium Arch Enemy. After the album’s June launch it was shortly after announced that long time guitarist Nick Cordle would be leaving the band. 

The band enlisted the help of Nevermore’s Jeff Loomis to join the ranks which in a bizarre turn of events saw Nick Cordle join Sanctuary, a band fronted by Loomis band mate Warrel Dane as Loomis moved over to take Cordle’s place. How bizarre! Either way, War Eternal was out and Arch Enemy undertook their most extensive tour to date. Ploughing through the US, Europe and all sorts of new territories it was a reaffirmation of self. Personally, I though War Eternal did have high points but was overall not the best material the band had put forward. 

Nevertheless it succeeded in cementing new vocalist Alyssa White-Gluz‘s place in the band. Known for her presence that championed Metal ladies to becoming the fierce women they are today Gossow is responsible for saying women can growl just monstrously as blokes! Her successor definitely had her work cut out for her but now, following an extensive amount of shows her position as the new ruling queen of Arch Enemy couldn’t be stronger than it was before which is why now, we might have some interesting material coming from White-Gluz. Being more comfortable in the band perhaps the singer will experiment with different melodies previously not thought of before? Perhaps she might have ideas that would turn songs entirely on their head! We shall have to wait and see. 

Another key factor is the addition of Jeff Loomis. Known for being a guitar virtuoso and advocate of the seven string it will be fascinating to see what edge the man will bring to the band. Sure there will be technicality in its spades as the guitarist has proven time and time again that he has more than got the chops but in the form of combining his different approach to song writing to the Arch Enemy sound it’s going to be brilliant to see what Loomis will contribute to the band. Not to mention hearing a trade off between Loomis and Amott will make some boyhood dreams come true. 

Finally, Arch Enemy need to make this one of their best yet. Prior to the departure of Gossow; you could argue the band were coasting somewhat. Beginning to fade slightly, the departure of the vocalist suddenly brought Arch Enemy right back under the spotlight. With questions the likes of who will replace her? Floating around the Metal ether, it was a huge talking point among Metalhead’s. However now that the band have established themselves as the new breed of Arch Enemy, the new album Will To Power will have to be solid gold. 

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Arch Enemy’s newly announced Will To Power is set for a September 8th release via Century Media.