What Makes Creeper So Catchy?!
14th April 2017, 10:20
Posted by Tristan

Potentially one of the most talked about bands of late, Creeper are THE hot topic at the moment. Having somewhat buried my head in the sand regarding the band, I was somewhat late in catching the Creeper fever. Which made me wonder, what is it that is making this British group so catchy!

Working on a variety of platforms the band have got all the ingredients you would need to make you stars. The first thing you notice is the look. Somewhere between My Chemical Romance and Joy Division the band have a certain vibe to them that gives off this sense of community. Already having made an impact in the Metal world, their rabid fan base is growing by the day both in size and in severity. Having the iconic artwork of the skull and heart the band have created somewhat of a brand synonymous with their ethos which, like My Chemical Romance, people positively die for!


The atmosphere. In the run up to the release of their brand new album Eternity In Your Arms the band drip fed three different videos all following the same narrative. Based around the concept of the album the videos hammered home this “world” the band were portraying to devastating effect. Creating a palpable universe where the album’s character resides, again puts them in the same arena as the likes of My Chemical Romance or 30 Seconds To Mars. This idea of escapism that so many music listener choose to chase is right there in front you from the word go on the band’s album. A perfect example being the mid section single “Black Rain” which sees the band’s setpiece location being a church with neon purple crosses. Having already cemented the colour of purple, now the band are using this colour to create a relation to their artwork and the narrative  itself.

However the most important element of the band is the songs. They are quite simply brilliant. Originally skeptical of what the band might sound like, eventually I succumbed to “Suzanne“. From the Pop Punk verse to the stadium sized chorus it’s the dynamics that truly won me over. 

Grinding to a complete halt, all is silent before a girl’s breath is heard, building anticipation in the bridge. Ending in a crescendo where music momentarily drops out. As the lyrics of “And we’ll die holding hands“, act as the primed hammer, smashing down igniting the chorus with such force one last time. Not only nostalgia inducing, reminding me of multiple All American Rejects and MCR sessions, but the track the epitomises the Thelma and Louise style madness of love and it’s ever growing wanderlust to just abandon all reason. 

An incredibly theatrical delivery beautifully put together. Merely one of the excellent examples of the band’s understanding of the song working as its own entity entirely. With a range of influences sounding like AFI meets Alkaline Trio in the youth chasing “Hiding With The Boys” or the far more ostentatious bellow of “Suzanne“. The band can appeal to so many on such different levels yet all using a musical approach. The band have created this persona, no way near the same scale as the likes of Ziggy Stardust but in the same realm definitely.

With the band having completed their biggest headline run to date in support of their new album, it seems that the sky is the limit for this young band. A combination of Misfits style Goth look coupled with their genius hooks in choruses, the band have been compared to Queen, which I don’t exactly condone but they are well on the way to getting to a very big things, very quickly. If at first you might not seem to quite get them, persevere because once you’ve got the Creeper fever it spreads fast! 

Creeper’s brand new album Eternity In Your Arms is out now via Roadrunner.