Trivium Stream “Lake Of Fire” 
30th November 2016, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

In an effort to get back to their roots Trivium have returned to their debut Ember To Inferno. 

The band have made yet another one of their tracks available to listen to from their forthcoming release Ember To Inferno – AB Initio. Featuring various different colours the earliest incarnation of Trivium was house on what was called The Red Album. In the third song they had ever written Trivium brought forward their single, which is streaming today “Lake Of Fire“. 

The frontman states : 

‘Lake of Fire’ is a very primal Trivium, but it shows that all the elements of the band Trivium fans know today, have been there since the beginning. Clean melody, intense speed; the sonic interplay of light and dark; melody and brutality — it was all there from the start. Lyrically, ‘Lake of Fire’ sets an intense stage for the visions of the underworld it invokes. Enjoy your journey… into the ‘Lake of Fire!'”

Without further ado, take it away Matt

Trivium’s Ember To Inferno Ab Initio is set for a December 2nd release via Cooking Vinyl.