Time Waits For No Metal Masterpiece
24th January 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan



Although they are releasing their brand new album on Monday this band have been creating some of the most abrasive music in metal. The undisputed kings of grindcore have reigned supreme. With each instance retreading their hallowed ground, evolving whilst retaining exactly what personifies them. It may only be six years old, which in the grand scheme of things is very new but Time Waits For No Slave is as spellbinding as it is devastating.

A far cry from the band’s first incarnation that recorded Scum, an archetypal album in metal’s history, with Time Waits For No Slave the band evolve. Hence the beauty of so many Napalm Death albums as the times evolve so does the band. Like a grindcore chameleon they adapt, sometimes with the political climate of their lyrics. Others where they experiment with different song structures of instruments. Advancing their trademark sound whilst always taking no prisoners.

Time Waits For No Slave was simply another footnote in their almost faultless back catalogue. Where the band began to incorporate slower sounds speaking of course (in the) “Passive Tense” where sorrowful melodies ring out. Just as they are delicate they change at a moments notice. Retaining the sense of something truly animalistic.

The winding dissonant melodies of title track “Time Waits For No Slave“, showcases the ghoulish choir of our singer. Contrary to the feral growls of GreenwayOn The Brink Of Extinction” but of course the anvil like grooves of Embury noticeable specifically on the oppressing “Downbeat Clique” and the destructive finality of “De Evolution Ad-Nauseam“. Retaining the spit in the face attitude of punk, coupled with the political agenda of grindcore and the sheer ferocity of death metal, Time Waits For No Slave is a paradigm of perfection that truly sets apart the men from the boys.