Tim Bowness Releases First Single From New Album
16th December 2016, 14:19
Posted by Tristan

Announcing the release of his fourth album Lost In The Ghost Light, today Tim Bowness has made a track available for your listening pleasure and its great.

If, like me, you’re partial to a bit of Prog then you’ve got something to look forward to come February 17th. Releasing his new album Lost In The Ghost Light, Tim Bowness will be once more taking steps into 2017’s Prog arena. Performing with Iamthemorning on their one off London show the man has created a truly intriguing work.

Unveiling first single “You Wanted To Be Seen” today we get to hear our first glimpse of what the new album will hold. Featuring appearances from The Pineapple Thief’s Bruce Soord and violin from No-Man’s Steve Bingham its a brilliant track that comes to an emotional crescendo.

The album itself was mixed and mastered by God (Steven Wilson) featuring guest appearances from Soord, Bingham, Kit Watkins of the fabled Camel, Colin Edwin and even Ian Anderson, who needs no introduction.

In keeping with the Prog aesthetic, the album is of course, a concept album! Detailing the life and times of a fictional Classic Rock star with an interesting message. Very much current with the new platform of streaming the album explores how the modern day musician survives with varying different ways to listen to music and with the ever growing fear of being replaced.

Bowness himself states :

It all started with me seeing a sixty something jogger in an expensive tracksuit rifling through the vegetable racks at my local Co-Op. His intense glare combined with his thinning long grey hair and Mick Fleetwood beard left me wondering which veteran Rock band he’d once played with. This got me thinking about the moment when music first came into this person’s life and whether it still informed his music making in the present. Other questions followed about the tensions between commerce and art, career and idealism: Could the creative ‘spark’ be lost then re-discovered?; What were the costs of dedicating a life to music and how much did ‘real’ life get in the way of the ‘magic’?; What was the effect of the changing nature of the industry on music itself as physical objects d’art became unpaid streams?; Were, as Brian Eno suggested, professional musicians like blacksmiths, echoes from another age and, if so, what was the impact of that realisation on a performer playing to an ageing crowd? Clearly, I thought too much!”

Well I don’t know about you guys but this has gotten me intrigued! Tim Bowness’ fourth album is set for a February 17th release via InsideOut.