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Album Review : The Mute Gods – tardigrades will inherit the earth
22nd February 2017, 10:45
Posted by Tristan

In the government cover up age that we live in, it seems the likelihood of us being erased as a species is ever more likely. With all of us living in the constant fear that there could we be World War III we try to distract ourselves with whatever we might have to hand but not all of us! Releasing their debut last year Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me, The Mute Gods gave a voice to the voiceless. Comprised of drummer Marco Minnemann, guitarist Roger King and bass master extraordinaire Nick Beggs, we’re invited to delve even deeper into the socio economical revolutionary wormhole in tardigrades will inherit the earth. Hold onto your tin foil hats!

The Mute Gods Believe “We Can’t Carry On” 
13th January 2017, 13:52
Posted by Tristan

Especially in this brand new video and brilliant song to boot!

The Mute Gods Announce New Album
6th December 2016, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

After having released their debut album Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me this January, The Mute Gods are back at it again with the announcement of their brand new record …Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth.

Album Review : The Mute Gods – Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
22nd January 2016, 15:38
Posted by Tristan

Never the front runner in the line of soul, rhythm has always had the mundane task of keeping a beat. Unable to to shock with virtuosity or bathe in melody the likes of a lead section. Deciding to challenge the musical apartheight, Nick Beggs, Marco Minnemann and Roger King have come together to give a voice to the voiceless. The unsung heroes of the musical world unify the back bone of a band and now we see the arrival of The Mute Gods.

The Mute Gods Release “Feed The Troll” Video
8th January 2016, 16:40
Posted by Tristan

Apt that they would release the video around lunch time, Nick Beggs and co shall indeed be hungry!