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Album of The Year #11 – Opeth – Sorceress
11th December 2016, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

On Day 11 of our Album of The Year Christmas Countdown, Sweden once again graced us with their presence with the brand new record from the Progressive stalwarts, Opeth.

Opeth : Finding Out The Heritage Of Sorceress
4th October 2016, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

Opeth. A name that means so much to so many. Having created some of the best Metal albums in the last twenty years with each release the band have grown from the small acorns of their beginnings to the mighty oaks of the modern day. However always a talking point whether it be waiting in line at a show, around a pub table to just with some mates is their somewhat controversial decision to go completely against the grain and turn their sound one hundred percent around. So how did it get to this decision? The decision that sometimes less is more, the decision that saw the Progressive nature of the band actually overtake the Death Metal roots and of course the disappearance of Akerfeldt’s eponymous growl. Aiming to try and find out what might have prompted this decision of such a drastic change we delve into the band’s catalogue with an exclusive interview clip with the band and their writing inspiration behind Sorceress.

Album Review : Opeth – Sorceress
30th September 2016, 17:10
Posted by Tristan

Portrayed in a multitude of characterisations the idea of the woman is that of finesse, fidelity and grace. A compassionate, caring and truly delicate symbol of fertility, culturally shown in a plethora of examples. One of the most prominent being that of the orchid a strong, sensual flower that is both beautiful yet can retain air of deception. Bottling this mystique Opeth return after severing their umbilical cord to the Death Metal accolade they have nurtured. Rebellions against the constraints of genre classification Opeth deliver their blossoming ode to fidelity in Sorceress.

Opeth Unveil Second Single “Will O The Wisp” 
5th September 2016, 14:35
Posted by Tristan

Ah the first days of September, as Autumn begins to settle in before the arrival of winter we’re greeted with the familiar cold snap that brings us into colder realms, so naturally it’s time for a new Opeth album!