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An Interview With : David DiSanto (Vektor)
28th November 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Combining both the fictional with the scientific has been the staple of the make up of some of our best fiction. Used perhaps as a means of escape from the mundane routine of daily life, there is a certain quality that attracts people to the idea of Sci-Fi. Not wanting to remain solely in the medium of film, Metal in particular has welcomed this subgenre with open arms. Releasing their brand new album Terminal Redux this May, Vektor are among the very select few who have mastered not only the art of the synthesis of a hugely charged concept with some of the most inspired music that will take you on a journey like no other this year. Performing at this year’s Bloodstock Festival we were able to speak with singer and guitarist David DiSanto to show us his wonderful world of Cygnus.

An Interview With : Neal Tiemann (DevilDriver)
17th November 2016, 19:25
Posted by Tristan

Initiation can be somewhat intimidating, beginning a new job, changing location but especially when joining a brand new band. Going through an evolution to an extent DevilDriver saw a pretty radical change in the guard. With both drummer John Boecklin and guitarist Jeff Kendrick departing the band both Dez Fafara and Mike Spreitzer got together to flesh out a new plan of action. Fast forward to the year 2016, the newly cemented line up has seen the band unveil their biggest release to date with their phenomenal chart topping success that is Trust No One. Prior to their one off exclusive London date way back in August, we were lucky enough to be able to have a chat with Neal Tiemann, where we found out what exactly it would be like to join DevilDriver.

An Interview With : Paul Templing And Ben Turk (Gloryhammer)
10th November 2016, 14:05
Posted by Tristan

Power Metal as a genre is a fickle mistress. Having two different camps there are varying levels of seriousness taken when you’re singing about wizards fighting dragons. Taking the more tongue in cheek aspect of Power Metal and well and truly running with it, Gloryhammer are no doubt onto something. As we hand you back over to the hazy summer memories, now but a long forgotten memory in the cold times of winter we look back to the absolute gentleman that were Paul Templing and Ben Turk as they talk us through the Gloryhammer ethos and their allegiance to the Power Metal genre.

A Video Interview With : Maik Weichert (Heaven Shall Burn)
8th November 2016, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

The wanderer, a proverbial term perhaps for someone who is lost, seeking a meaning in whatever it may be that they are searching for. Perhaps a wanderer could be seen as a free spirit independent of residence. Mainstayers in the Metalcore arena, Germany’s Heaven Shall Burn are very much steadfast in their musical creativity. Releasing their brand new album Wanderer this year the band take yet another step into the Metalcore march. Speaking to us courtesy of Century Media we asked guitarist Maik Weichert a couple of questions surrounding the new album, to see what he thought of the term wanderer.

An Interview With : Lord Ahriman And Heljamadr (Dark Funeral)
1st November 2016, 13:30
Posted by Tristan

As the evenings come quicker and darkness comes thicker so we move into the time of winter. Returning after some time away from the Black Metal realm, Dark Funeral return once more into the fray of frost and fire. Currently on their European tour with Krisiun, we were able to catch up with both Lord Ahriman and Heljamadr on their London appearance. Sat ironclad and without the usual corpse paint get up its clear to see that both Ahriman and Heljamadr, when not on stage donning their imposing gear are simply fans of Black Metal. Revealing to us the process in which Where Shadows Forever Reign was brought to light and some of the inner turmoil members experienced and its cathartic release. We welcome you, once again, into the realm of shadows.

A Second Interview With : Chuck Billy (Testament)
26th October 2016, 16:02
Posted by Tristan

No pressure. Two words that when applied cause the absolute opposite of their desired effect. Holing themselves away to write the follow up to 2012’s Dark Roots Of Earth, Testament began crafting their next chapter in the band’s history. Appearing sporadically for tour opportunities the band were somewhat biding their time. Knowing that their new record would be entitled The Brotherhood Of The Snake there was some form of narrative the band could follow. Speaking with the booming and entirely delightful, Chuck Billy we found out that, to quote the band there was more than meets the eye with their new release. Scheduling in studio time without being entirely prepared, something the band had never done before, their backs were firmly up against the wall. Nevertheless like the proverbial snake, when cornered the animal can become fierce, enraged and most importantly incredibly dangerous. With that in mind we’re let into the world of Testament and how with their strongest line up in years they came to write one of their most vicious records yet. No pressure.

An Interview With : Count Marcel La Vey (The Heretic Order)
19th October 2016, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Performing their second ever show at Bloodstock’s Jagermeister Stage there is certainly something to take note of with The Heretic Order. Returning back to this year’s Bloodstock with ever more ambitious plans the band performed on the infamous Sophie Lancaster stage. Prior to their performance however we were able to catch up with guitarist and fellow Blues enthusiast (though you wouldn’t know it from his stage name) Count Marcel La Vey on all things The Heretic Order and the bands plans for the future, including a brand new record!

An Interview With : Herman Li (Dragonforce)
11th October 2016, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Studious in the idea of speed Dragonforce are renown for being one of the quickest bands out there. Following on from the release of their brand new Best Of Killer Elite, the band are touring the world over. Making a pit stop at Bloodstock Open Air this year we were able to catch up with guitarist and musical virtuoso Herman Li. Speaking about the man’s influences behind the guitar, how the band came up with “Fury Of The Storm” and most importantly the recording of a brand new album set for a release next year. We delve into the world where dragons do indeed dwell.

A Video Interview With : Insomnium
23rd September 2016, 17:30
Posted by Tristan

Fortune favours the bold as the saying goes. Daring to do something different Insomnium bring an idea not previously tackled in their career. Returning to the studio after Shadows Of A Dying Sun the band were somewhat non plus send as to how they might tread their next steps. After thorough consideration the band opted for the decision to record a one track album. Encompassing all of the band’s strengths the track moves in waves. Moving back to the likes of Prog Rock classics the Finnish Metallers wanted to echo the ideas presented by the greats of our time. Birthing a living breathing map of music brought together in their patented sound. Based on the novel created by the band’s own Niilo Sevanen of the same title Winter’s Gate sees a band take on the elements and win. Triumphing over the endless pitfalls that come with undertaking a task as daunting as a one track album, the band surpass these boundaries to give one of their most engaging listens yet.

An Interview With : Joe Copcutt (Zoax)
22nd September 2016, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

One of the many beauties that is found within music is its bountiful, ever expanding canvas of genre. Despite performing at what is one of the biggest Metal festivals in England, Zoax are not quite the classic definition of heavy. Owing to their various members ever changing taste in music gives the band a rich palette of differentiation within music. Allowing for not only musical creativity to be rife within the band but the art of expression within music to be one that is unique. Making waves throughout the London scene, Zoax have slowly but surely been crafting their own niche. With premiere’s over at Radio One courtesy of Mr Dan Carter and the like the band return for their third appearance at Download Festival this year climbing ever higher on the bill. Speaking to the delightly Joe Copcutt we were able to get an idea into what life was like in the cycle of Zoax or is it ZO-AX or Zoox? Ask Joe…

An Interview With : Jon Rice (Scorpion Child)
14th September 2016, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

The idea of Rock ‘n’ Roll has been around long before my time. The classics we all know and love formed in the foundations of what was the beginnings of a movement that would continue on far into the future. As a result of its fierce staying power Rock ‘n’ Roll has had somewhat of a revival of late. One particular band flying the flag for the genre are the Texan madmen Scorpion Child. Releasing their brand new album Acid Roulette this year the band unveil the idea of the concept album revolving around prison and a favourite past time of the rockers of old, acid. Speaking to drumer Jon Rice we were able to get behind the story of the brand new album along with the bands appearance at Download Festival.

An Interview With : Ludwig Witt (Grand Magus)
6th September 2016, 17:35
Posted by Tristan

Cementing their reputation in the world of contemporary Heavy Metal this May with their ironclad new effort Sword Songs JB and his cohorts once again put on their metaphorical armour to ride into the battlefield of the stage. Bringing together quintessential elements of what makes up Grand Magus, thematically revolving around tales of the valiant and brave put together with their Maiden worthy choruses Grand Magus are beginning to become in a league totally of their own.