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An Interview With : Lord Ahriman And Heljamadr (Dark Funeral)
1st November 2016, 13:30
Posted by Tristan

As the evenings come quicker and darkness comes thicker so we move into the time of winter. Returning after some time away from the Black Metal realm, Dark Funeral return once more into the fray of frost and fire. Currently on their European tour with Krisiun, we were able to catch up with both Lord Ahriman and Heljamadr on their London appearance. Sat ironclad and without the usual corpse paint get up its clear to see that both Ahriman and Heljamadr, when not on stage donning their imposing gear are simply fans of Black Metal. Revealing to us the process in which Where Shadows Forever Reign was brought to light and some of the inner turmoil members experienced and its cathartic release. We welcome you, once again, into the realm of shadows.

Dark Funeral And Krisiun Live At The Underworld : Live Review
19th October 2016, 17:03
Posted by Tristan

The Black Metal fan, characterised by having overly long black hair, spiked arm bands, a fierce opinion or two and of course corpse paint. The Death Metal fan, no doubt some form of camo in there, the only fan to use the words “brutal” more than most and of course a horrific t shirt. Coming together these most unlikely of genres are in fact the perfect pairing. Releasing their brand new album Where Shadows Forever Reign, after five years Dark Funeral have returned. Gearing up for their extensive touring schedule of another album cycle, the Swedish warriors take to London tonight. With the help of our Brazilian amigos Krisiun at the helm we see just what happens when both Black Metal and Death Metal meet.

Dark Funeral Announce European Tour
8th June 2016, 16:30
Posted by Tristan

After having released their brand new album Where Shadows Forever Reign just last week Dark Funeral can at last announce that they will be heading over to Europe for a headline tour this Autumn. 

Where Shadows
Album Review : Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign
3rd June 2016, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

Inescapable, omnipresent, ubiquitous death manifests itself in many ways. The subject of innumerable stories and Dark Funeral’s morbid guiding light. Using death as a figurehead the band begin their latest foray into the underworld as we enter a land where light is a distant memory, where cold governs all, a land Where Shadows Forever Reign.

Dark Funeral Premiere Brand New Song
4th April 2016, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Returning this June, Dark Funeral are set to once more reclaim their rightful Black Metal crown. Now at long last the band have released their first single and title track from “Where Shadows Forever Reign“.

Dark Funeral Release Cover And Announce Release Of New Album
9th March 2016, 14:30
Posted by Tristan

Welcome to the world Where Shadows Forever Reign.

Dark Funeral Enter The Studio
2nd February 2016, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

Yesterday it was announced that Dark Funeral have at long last entered the studio to record their follow up sixth album. 

Dark Funeral To Release New Album In 2016
23rd November 2015, 19:54
Posted by Tristan

Among the many other bands that have already scheduled new releases for the next year we can now add Dark Funeral to the ever growing list.