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A Brief History of All That Remains
7th February 2017, 10:23
Posted by Tristan

Metalcore as many know is a genre in decline. The heydays of Taste of Chaos long behind, almost everyone was left in the dust by Killswitch Engage a sole phoenix to rise from the Metalcore ashes. Many others fell by the wayside and some adapted. Certain bands fared well adapting to their new environment others not so much and then there was All That Remains.

All That Remains Crowdfunding New Album
21st September 2016, 13:08
Posted by Tristan

It seems that The Order of Things has led to crowdfunding. 

Jeanne Sagan Leaves All That Remains
25th September 2015, 17:28
Posted by Chris

The bass player us decided to leave the band after 10 years.

Knotfest Details Announced
29th June 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Fresh from wowing all of us U.K. fans after their performance at this year’s Download Festival, Slipknot have now announced what the second instalment of Knotfest will be including.