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Live Review: Sabaton + Accept + Twilight Force
16th January 2017, 22:04
Posted by Chris

In a world where veterans would take preference over those less experienced in the field, Accept would be headlining this power house of a heavy metal line-up this evening. It just goes to show though, Sabaton are that big now.

An Interview With: Wolf Hoffmann (Accept)
13th January 2016, 11:55
Posted by Chris

Accept are a band with nothing to prove any more. They have already been¬†inducted into the metaphorical European hall of heavy metal as an enormous force in the genre, remaining as a key influence in countless numbers of bands today. What we didn’t expect is that when the band reformed in 2009, a recharged Accept have put out a line of absolutely stunning albums including the latest of those, ‘Blind Rage‘. We talk to Wolf Hoffmann about how Accept have rekindled the fire, and how they have managed to stay so relevant in a 40 year career.

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Live Review: Accept + Hell
21st December 2015, 23:33
Posted by Chris

We Accept that all Hell broke loose in London…I really do apologise for these terrible puns, but rest assured…the old school line-up tonight made for a truly fantastic show!