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Abbath Premieres Video For ‘Winterbane’
16th March 2016, 17:08
Posted by Chris

To kick off his Presidential campaign Abbath has released his promotional video for his key policy, ‘Winterbane‘.

Abbath Live at The Kentish Town Forum Review
25th January 2016, 18:40
Posted by Tristan

Welcome back! After the blissful slumber that was Christmas we slowly but surely entered the new year. Wiping away the cobwebs of 2015 we greet the new year with a decidedly frosty hello. Penned for last September, Abbath was set to return with Primordial and Conan. Owing to some difficulties the show was instead postponed to banish the January blues. All the while our Death Metal deviants Benighted and The Black Dahlia Murder were scheduled to perform separate shows in the same area. Deciding to combine both shows into one mega show, minus Conan, we welcome the first gig of 2016.

Album Review : Abbath – Abbath
19th January 2016, 19:00
Posted by Tristan

Can a legacy outlast a name? After their recent legal dispute regarding trivial matters everyone’s favourite Black Metal icon Abbath, decided to take the frost bitten high road and go it alone. Enlisting King and the mysterious Creature the man entrenched himself to record his brand new self titled album.

Abbath’s Debut Album Available For Streaming
13th January 2016, 16:27
Posted by Chris

Blizzards and frost have covered a lot of the northern hemisphere this morning with the United States being hit hard with snow…that can only mean one thing. Abbath has dropped his album.

Abbath Album
Abbath Streams Third Song “Ashes Of The Damned”
6th January 2016, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

Ahead of the band’s record release this January 22nd celebrating at London’s Forum on the 23rd Abbath has made a third track available for your streaming pleasure.

Abbath Session Guitarist Leaves Band
16th December 2015, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Having just announced the departure of drummer Creature (Kevin Foley) it has just surfaced that Abbath’s session guitarist Per Valla has also decided to exit the band.

Drummer For Abbath Quits Band
14th December 2015, 11:26
Posted by Tristan

Poised to release their brand new album this January unfortunately new drummer Creature has decided to leave the band. 

Abbath Streams Second Single
10th December 2015, 17:17
Posted by Tristan

Previously unveiling the first sound of what Abbath’s first solo record would entail the second single has been made for our listening pleasure.

Decibel 2016 Tour Announced
16th November 2015, 19:44
Posted by Tristan

As ever the Decibel 2016 tour seems to wipe floor with other tour announcements and has done once again this year. 

Abbath Releases First New Solo Project Song “Winter Bane”
10th November 2015, 18:34
Posted by Tristan
At long last Abbath will have a soundtrack to accompany his now worldwide walks fully decked out in corpse paint.

Announcing that the now solo artist will be performing one of his first ever shows at London’s Forum, Abbath has now released his first solo track. Entitled “Winter Bane” it has the classic gurgling Black Metal vocals that were home to Immortal for such a long time.

The Black Dahlia Murder and Benighted Added To Abbath Show
3rd November 2015, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Previously announcing that the band would be performing a back to back two night header at London’s Underworld, the band have now been added to Abbath’s debut London show.

Hellfest 2016
Hellfest Announces Line Up For 2016 Festival
2nd November 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Maintaining one of the most consistently devastating line ups in recent years Hellfest once again has us floored with its announcement of the bands to come in 2016.