Suicide Silence Release First 360 Degree Interview For Self Titled Record
12th January 2017, 18:07
Posted by Tristan

A first for interviews and no doubt something that will catch on, see the first in a series of videos from Suicide Silence about their brand new album. 

Releasing their new track “Doris” last week, its fair to say the reaction was somewhat marmite. Even yours truly at first thought it was terrible. Then listening with an open ear and aiming to understand where the band were coming from it actually made complete sense. With what I had presumed would be the reason for the change exaplained in the video, now that the story has finished with Mitch , the band have a completely clean slate to do as they wish, it’s an interesting watch. 

Now the band have the platform to go wherever and do whatever and regardless of your opinion this will be the album that catapults them to greatness.