Scar Symmetry Enter Phase II Of Singularity
10th January 2015, 16:00
Posted by Tristan



Even more fantastic news, after wowing the world over with their absolutely stellar return to form on last years epic The Singularity we can confirm that the band are writing part two. A three album concept piece about the rise of the machines and many other Terminator style outcomes of the world, this will se the trilogy advancing. The band stated via their Facebook page :

One of us is having a kid soon, which is why we’ve decided to not tour until the fall at the earliest, though we might do some of them festivals this year. In the meanwhile,me (Nilsson) and Henrik will be hard at work writing The Singularity (Phase II The Force Awakens). We’re nowhere near having a release date,but as usual you’ll hear it here first.

This is pretty fantastic news, meaning perhaps we might be seeing the second part in Scar Symmetry‘s trilogy sooner than we thought. As Nilsson is now head of Scar Symmetry house we expect more great things!