Parkway Drive Unleash “Crushed”
26th August 2015, 18:00
Posted by Tristan

Debuting their second song from the up coming album IRE, the band have shown a side that might not necessarily appeal to everyone.

It was clear from “Vice Grip” that the band might not be revisiting their Metalcore style past and have indeed evolved. Particularly with the release of previous album Atlas. Unleashing their second video today, “Crushed” is not only a brilliant little song but has an inspired idea for the video.

However, I’ve got to say, it didn’t quite sound like Parkway Drive to me. Though this is only the first time hearing the song, it did sound like that quintessential good times feel had gone from the music. Nevertheless you cannot judge an entire album by two songs so we shall see! What do you think of the new song?

Parkway Drive’s brand new album IRE is set for a September 25th release via Epitaph.