No New Metal Releases Today
6th July 2015, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

As I’m sure most are aware unfortunately for us metal heads there will be no new releases on Mondays any more. Instead the times have changed and our new releases day is…

Friday! Giving us all something more to look forward to on the weekend, deciding that instead of having various different release schedules the world has now adopted a universal releases date. Previously being the Friday in Europe, Monday for the UK and Tuesday for the US. Now it would seem that all of the new releases, regardless of genre will be issued on Friday.

My best bet would be that it would be an attempt to stop piracy, if you were living somewhere where the album wasn’t released until Tuesday and yet it was available online in Europe, given people’s impatience, they would download it. Brought up on the instant gratification style society we are all now in people are more expectant than ever to get everything they want, when they want it. Disregarding how much effort, blood sweat and tears went into the creation of the music. Cheesy I know but if people don’t understand why this is happening it will only snowball until perhaps CD’s are in fact redundant. A day as a music lover I hope never to see.

So hang in there metallers, not long until Friday!