Ne Obliviscaris Announce Ne Obluminati Crowdfund
4th March 2016, 10:17
Posted by Tristan

As no doubt almost all of our readers are aware the game has changed in the world of music. Not even close to how it used to be even some ten years ago the entire blueprint has changed and proving like their music that Ne Obliviscaris are just as inventive when it comes to help.

As I mentioned before the entire way that music, specifically Metal is not only marketed, made and sold is a very different ballpark to how it was back in the hey day. The world’s infinite double edged sword that is the internet has seen the ability to reach farther than ever before but has also over saturated the market and made it incredibly easy to get your hands music, for free. We have all done it, in this day and age that we live in where you can download a single album in a second. Downloading what has essentially taken a huge amount of time, money and personal effort to create only for the band not get their rewards at the end of it.

Having previously taken to crowdfunding with their last tour in October with Cradle of Filth whereupon the band raised 80,000 dollars and were able to head out on the tour. We even got a chance to speak to the lovely Tim Charles at their London date, now the band are realising that in order for them to keep working to doing what they do they will need help. Returning back to the origins of any bands success they look to the fans for help, setting up a pledge over at Patreon the band are asking for donations or monthly subscriptions which can get you up unlimited tickets to NeO shows when they’re in town, get sent rough recording of demos and head out with the band to grab dinner. It is sad that a band the likes of NeO are having to do this but applaudable that they are, understanding that the music business is a wholly different entity and now that the power lies instead with their fans.

Check out the video below where Tim explains the pledge in perhaps better detail than I have!