Metal Hammer Has Been Saved
9th January 2017, 11:15
Posted by Tristan

Team Rock has been bought out by Future for £800,000. 

Just a week before Christmas it was announced that Team Rock would be closing its doors with almost all staff being let go, without pay. 

Now thankfully for the magazine the nightmare is coming somewhat to an end. After a successful campaign started by London’s own Orange Goblin man, Ben Ward there was enough raised to help the staff of Team Rock and now, it looks like there will be a future for the magazine as major publisher Future has bought them out. 

The impact that Metal Hammer, Prog and Classic Rock had over the Alternative community in England and the world is manifold and it’s reach, far and wide. I for one am so happy that this institution will be starting where they left off. Whether it will be the same remains to be seen but it’s a bloody good start.