Live Review : Coal Chamber
10th June 2015, 15:00
Posted by Tristan

Nostalgia, something that seeks out people’s past experiences to draw on “the good old days”, on their previous emotions that hold connotations of the old times. Perhaps when we were younger, had more energy and more life. Returning after releasing their brand new album Rivals, Coal Chamber show us that despite their leave, they are more than happy to be back.

31st of May 2015
Camden Town, London
Support Bands: Dope, The Defiled, Soil

With a line up that many Nu Metal heads would be falling head over heels for we see Soil take to the stage. Emerging after what seems like years the band triumphantly stride onto the stage opening with up the set with “Loaded Gun” singer walks the stage with confidence knowing that although the crowd might be here to see Coal Chamber there is very much a level headed sense between the fans.


Moving into the tom fill that signifies the moment that everyone in the room has been waiting for Halo “ bursts forth. It’s something to be said about the power of the song when the entire room screams back at the band “my little haloooo” thinking that was it for the band, they then launch into a rendition of “Black Betty” the likes most would have not seen for a long while,which some how falls perfectly into place with the bands sound, finishing off the evening’s support in an excellent fashion as the main man says never forget you are the music, you are what makes this happen.


Having broken up in the year 2002 where the infamous incident where all hell broke loose live. Meegs crashing guitars, Dez stating this will be the last Coal Chamber show ever, the stage darkens and atmosphere reaches fever pitch. To say that this is an important show would be an understatement for the band. Releasing their brand new album Rivals, arguably their best yet, the band have not necessarily got a lot to prove but need to show that they most definitely are, to quote Korn “Here To Stay “. With the slow arrival of Meegs joined by Nadja were burst into Coal Chamber classic “Loco”. From then on Koko is lit up, the sheer amount of energy felt from the band is tangible.


Front man Dez returning from his stint in Devildriver has made him a truly gifted leader, commanding the crowd they lap up cuts like “Big Truck” and even when new material announced “I.O.U Nothing” new single goes down absolute storm. With the band being positively on fire, working perfectly together understanding exactly where drummer Mike Cox is going, following Nadja’s lumbering bass lines peppered with Fafara’s howls. Not detracting from the fantastic performance given from the band, accompanying their spooky-core we see shots of Coal Chamber in the classic Evil Dead font, melded into various classic horror movies, consisting of V/H/S for I believe.


Though this dressage merely enhances the night, introduced by a typically odd feedback piece from Meegs were into a Coal Chamber classic “Dark Days”. Ensuring that our punters didn’t feel old enough Dez states that “this next one, we wrote in 1993 in an la rehearsal studio“, thanks Dez. Deciding to aim to rejuvenate the audience were then moved into title track “Rivals” causing the room to implode. Though that is nothing compared to the grand finale, stating that Coal Chamber are not a band that comes on to do an encore this will be their last song. As everyone here tonight knows what is coming we hear Dez begin to chant “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!” Before Koko collectively goes berserk.

Though they may have been gone for 12 years, changed their relationship, tonight Coal Chamber return as though nothing has changed. Performing brilliantly as a unit, for a band that doesn’t pander to technicality the band’s material is best experienced in a live setting. Drinking in the atmosphere of the sold out Koko  everyone is here to have a good time. With ego’s well and truly laid to rest this is the rebirth of Coal Chamber you all wanted. You would have had to be “Loco” to miss tonight’s performance.

Coal Chamber’s return to form Rivals is out now via Napalm Records.