John Frum’s A Stirring In The Noos – Theoretical Death Metal
16th May 2017, 14:04
Posted by Tristan

For those thinking that Death Metal is consistent with the stereotype of the hulking Metalhead who says “Brutal” after every syllable, wears baggy camo pants and drinks until he passes out, this is for you. Welcome John Frum, with a combined resume the band consist of members from The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Faceless and John Zorn to name a few. Like Gorguts, progenitors of the theoretical movement making Death Metal some of the most complex music to mould your cranium around, John Frum don’t only exhibit their technical capability but bring a unique, psychedelic element of the spiritual into the equation, a stirring in the noos if you will.


  1. Presage of Emptiness
  2. Pining Light
  3. Memory Palace
  4. Through Sand And Spirit
  5. Lacustrine Divination
  6. He Come
  7. Assumption of Form
  8. Wasting Subtle Body

Length: 43:00
Label: Relapse Records
Release date: May 12th 2017

An abbreviation of the noosphere, the more theoretical manifestion of an ideology rather than a literal stirring of something in the ether. A metaphor for the inquisitive nature of the mind, the noosphere stretches as far as you might imagine and to depths as dark you might hope to forget. Matching this ugly truth tracks the likes of “Through Sand And Spirit” illuminate cascading chords being pushed forward by the momentum of the kit having a surprising amount of power behind it, the initial presumption is entirely wrong with riffs continually flooring the listener with terrifying accuracy. Retaining the unpredictable nature of Dillinger, John Frum bring this chorus of cacophony to a terrifying and altruistic zenith.

Known for the mirage like appearance John Frum is no more a person than a philosophy, manifested in the shape of a man to the more ethereal java induced spirit vision. Similarly material here shys away from the more melodic of tones and leads us into the malevolence of “Lacustrine Divination”. A conjuring echoing malice, creating an ever evolving sense of dread as the track continues down its wayward trajectory. Shrouded in mystery the introduction paves the way for its dissonant center piece making for an incredibly unnerving listen. Yet just as much as John Frum might spiral into the unknown their spastic movements are executed with pin point accuracy.

Regardless of it’s super group connotations, the only thing this proves is that all members can actually master their instrument. The Planetary Duality style grows of singer Derek Rydquist work  brilliantly against the meander of Liam Wilson‘s bass lines from the straightforward assault of “Presage of Emptiness” to the beautiful progression of the nine minute wonder, come demented spiral staircase “Memory Palace“. Complete with inspired soloing, dense atmosphere and excellent songwriting it’s a definitive moment in the album. Wanting to go full on Death Metal the album’s final piece “Wasting Subtle Body” sees the group at their most unrelenting. John Frum have been able to eschew the supergroup accolade and instead have put together a band that sounds entirely their own entity, with the members other performances being merely a nudge in the right direction. For those with an eye for the theoretical, questioning the very fabric of existence, A Stirring In The Noos could very well be the perfect soundtrack. 

An ethereal visitation from the spiritual plains, John Frum’s debut is worthy of everyone’s attention and could even end up on some album of the year end lists.

If you like what you read / heard then you can pick up a copy of the record here!