Have Thy Art Is Murder Finally Gone Death Metal?
16th June 2017, 08:18
Posted by Tristan

Thy Art Is Murder, what was once a small band from Australia have become an entity that are heralding the new era of Deathcore. Having released two albums on Nuclear Blast, Hate and Holy War the band have seen an exponential growth in popularity. Somewhat stunning audiences the world over with his sudden departure from the band they toured with stand in vocalists for a little while before recently announcing that CJ would be returning with the band to record a brand new album. Today the band have announced their new record to be Dear Desolation, with an August 18th release and have premiered a brand new track. 

I remember when Thy Art Is Murder announced Holy War, the buzz that was surrounding this upcoming record was absolutely huge, single “Lightbearer” was released and I thought it had potential to be something really special but instead, the band essentially remained the same. Sure a winning combination but I wanted more from the band, knowing that they could deliver more it may actually finally be the day that we hear the potential that Thy Art Is Murder really have. 

Releasing their brand new single “Slaves Beyond Death” there is a new sound of Thy Art. Gone are the predictable cookie cutter breakdowns and instead the song works in the vein of classic Death Metal. Not stopping for a second the single is a perfect example of what Thy Art Is Murder needed to release. Instead of shunting a song to halt the band now understand how to keep a song going and make it truly the definition of heavy with having to shove in a random breakdown just for the sake of it. 

The new album, titled Dear Desolation is set to be released on August 15th via Nuclear Blast and particularly with CJ’s return I reckon it could  well be one of the band’s biggest to date. Returning to work with Will Putney once more the band have finally unveiled their new record. The artwork, helmed by the Death Metal master himself Eliran Kantor shows a wolf and a lamb being a metaphor for the strong and the weak. Yet whilst it looks like the wolf is nourishing the lamb it’s actually just fattening it up for its own agenda. 

Interesting idea and I think perhaps a more mature take on lyrical thematics to come on the new album, this could well be Thy Art Is Murder‘s crowning moment, the time that they go from the Deathcore kings to elevating themselves into the Death Metal category. Why is it so important for the Death Metal community you ask? Thy Art Is Murder, whether you like it or not are one of the biggest names out there currently. In spite of their music being absolutely disgustingly heavy they still have the means to be selling out bigger and bigger venues, proving to the world that Death Metal is still very much (ironically) alive and well. 

There is also a new breed of Death Metal forming. Similar to the way of Thrash Metal, we can’t rely on the likes of the classics forever, the torch must be carried on as they say. Previously I thought that Thy Art would not have been a good choice, now however I have to say I’m definitely thinking otherwise. Listen to the brand new single and see what you think! 

01. Slaves Beyond Death

02. The Son of Misery

03. Puppet Master

04. Dear Desolation

05. Death Dealer

06. Man Is The Enemy

07. The Skin of The Serpent

08. Fire In The Sky

09. Into Chaos We Climb

10. The Final Curtain

Thy Art Is Murder’s Dear Desolation is set for an August 18th release via Nuclear Blast. Preorder it here!