Darkest Hour To Crowdfund Next Album
11th February 2016, 19:30
Posted by Tristan

Deciding to go for the DIY route for album number nine Darkest Hour will be asking you the fans for help!

After having released records with Victory, Sumerian and many others Darkest Hour have decided to go back to their roots and opt for the self release of their new album. Taking to Indiegogo the band are asking to help raise $50,000 to record the new album. As ever with these campaigns there are a variety of treats in store for fans of the band, ranging from a simple CD or vinyl to a full blown ESP signed guitar from the entire band the pledges have some great unique things for fans to get their hands on. 

Not only that but the band will also be releasing a DVD of their twentieth anniversary performance in Washington which took place last year. Their self titled last effort was an absolute joy and personally I have found that Darkest Hour have always seemed to live in Metalcore’s shadow. Far beyond the predictable middle of the road Metal that has seen their peers rise above them the band need to keep going! With their recent refreshment of their past coupled with a DIY approach I would bet that this new record will be some fantastic Darkest Hour material. 

As of now the band have raised a total of $9,611 at the time of writing so I would imagine they would break their target within another day! You can pledge here!