Bloodbath Mixing New Album
11th September 2014, 05:00
Posted by Chris


Yes! We will finally be getting a new Bloodbath album! The band has announced that mixing for the latest effort is underway, and getting ever closer to a release.

The band have long been dormant since the release of 2008’s ‘The Fathomless Misery‘, but have made an update now into what is happening inside the studio…yet still no mention of a new vocalist…

The band said:

“David Castillo at Ghost Ward hard at work mixing the new Bloodbath album. 5 tracks down, 6 to go.”

The previous update read:

“All guitars and bass have just been completed for our 4th album. Will Lone Wolf Audio’s ‘Left Hand Wrath’ pedal usurp the throne from the classic HM-2? Let’s find out this fall! Juicy stuff like release date, cover artwork, track listing to be announced within two weeks…yes TWO weeks, so stay tuned. Wait! Did we miss something? Oh the new singer? He’s recording with us this weekend… Cheers!”

So we are assured that the new singer exists! Watch this space for the reveal…