Behemoth Issue Biography Details
29th January 2015, 19:00
Posted by Tristan


After having one of the best records of the year put out last year, touring the world over and spreading their own brand of Satanic magic, it seems that Behemoth are not quite done yet. Releasing a brand new biography this year, Devil’s Conquistadors will be 490 page book, written about the band. From their early years and their inception to their slow climb to garner the respect of the upper echelon and essentially become a Polish house hold name.

Stating this is will not be Poland’s answer to Motley Crue’s The Dirt, this is slated to be an honest look into how one of the most controversial bands came to power. Written by Lukasz Dunaj the book will contains direct quotes from the band themselves. Members, past and present, interviews, old photos of the band, lyric sheets to dress our most morbid of biographies. The hardback book will be released come February 24th via Metal Blade Records.

Behemoth Conquisatadors

It seems that this is a trend within the Metal Blade family, as last year we saw the emergence of The Bible Of Butchery for our Florida veterans Cannibal Corpse. Perhaps this might be an emerging trend, to offer more of a back story to the band. You collect all their CD’s, witness them at countless live shows and now get one step closer by reading the band’s history. It’s a great idea and hopefully one that will be catching on!

You can read a small excerpt from The Devil’s Conquistadors here, which in typical Nergal style is as serious as it comes, even when he’s talking about the first time that he picked up a guitar…

“The first communion was a very important moment for me. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Of course, not as a religion experience – I didn’t understand anything and couldn’t care less. Same as all the other kids. We all stood there with our votive candles and waited for one thing. Cash. The first communion must be one moment when you get the most money you’re ever going to get as a child. And for this money, I bought myself my first electric guitar. Not a bike, no Legos – a guitar.”

Although currently only AMERICAN pre orders are available there will be U.K. and EU preorders coming soon!