Band Desecrate Dimebag Darrell’s Grave
1st March 2015, 02:04
Posted by Tristan


Horrific news over the weekend, band Nuclear Hellfrost posted a picture showing the desecration of one of metal’s true heroes. Whilst the band were on tour the group decided to take a detour to the guitarists grave, Dimebag¬†Darrell Abbott‘s grave located in Arlington, Texas. Though usually commonplace for bands touring the states unfortunately it was for absolutely disgusting reasons. Posting the following image on Instagram via Crustyplague showing Dimebag’s grave, with the words “Fag” written.


The band have since released a statement saying that none of this was to do with them, instead the act was performed by their former lead singer who is now has nothing to do with the band. Check out the statement below from the band issuing an apology on behalf of the old singer.


However we did some digging and found that the band were in fact gloating about the grave’s desecration and it appears that, although the news has just broken that in fact that it took place last summer whilst the band was on tour, we can see from another Facebook post below that they are seem to be gloating about it.



Pantera themselves have also issued a statement regarding the entire debacle, stating that they will take the strongest measures possible for something so horrific.


If you don’t like a band then simply just ignore them. It’s undeniable the amount of influence the Texans had and still have on the metal scene here today unfortunately infamous because of the tragedy with Damageplan we lost one of metal’s nicest human beings. Desecrating someone’s grave, whatever the person may have been, is completely disgusting. The band were probably aiming to get publicity out of the stunt, which sure enough they have, but dishonouring one of metal’s idols? Well I don’t think that anyone in the metal world will be touching this band ever again…

Update : It seems that there has been an apology issued from the former lead singer stating that this was all one persons doing.