An Interview With: Rowan Roodbaert (Heidevolk)
16th June 2015, 18:54
Posted by Chris

The Metalist caught up with Rowan from Heidevolk to discuss band injuries, drinking, and of course the band’s brand new album ‘Velua’.

Read an excerpt from the interview here, where we ask the band about their drinking habits…

So Heidevolk has become known for their crazy stage shows! We want to know what is your drink of choice on stage?

[laughs] Well of course we drink beers, especially the Belgian beers. Of course nowadays we have the IPA’s, I know it has become a bit of a hipster trend, but there are still some pretty good ones!

Is there any particular brand of beer you drink before a show?

Well…that’s a funny thing! It might sound a bit weird for us beer-drinking goblins, but before a show we drink prosecco!

Ah interesting!

Yup, we have a toast with two bottles of prosecco!

So the pre-show ritual is prosecco! Do you drink them out of drinking horns?

Nope, it’s almost always out of plastic cups! Hardcore.

Listen to the full interview below: