Album Review : Myrkur – M
21st August 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Making waves in the Black Metal scene the one woman ghoul from Denmark lifts the veil on her brand new project.  A ghostly promenade coalescing both serene melodies and biting riffs that make up the DNA of the new record. Join us as we take a trip into the illusionary, eerie wonderful dynamics of Myrkur’s, M.


1. Skøgen Skulle Dø

2. Hævnen

3. Onde Børn

4. Volvens Spadom

5. Jeg er Guden, I er Tjenerne

6. Nordlys

7. Mordet

8. Byssan Lull

9. Dybt i Skoven

10. Skaði

11. Norn

Length: 36:00
Label: Relapse Records
Release date: August 21st

Black Metal can often be a minefield to navigate, having some of the most belligerent fans in the metal scene who are more than set in the ways of old. When experimenting with Black Metal one has to be incredibly careful. What could be a fantastic idea could have disasterously consequences. Having only released an EP Myrkur is the latest to take on the leather clad hordes. Swapping corpse paint for a stripped back look we enter the torrid world of the simply titled, M.
As the coffin lid closes the spectral vocals of “Skøgen Skulle Do” begin. Like a Morticia Adams version of Kate Bush the album starts off in fantastic style, making way for folk style drums coupled with morose violins, this is Black Metal but not quite as you know it. Often lulled into a false sense of security from the ghostly folk sections. Marrying the sections of the Ghost Folk with more traditional elements of Black Metal we hear the driving drums, which are incredibly low in the mix, become the perfect backdrop for the descent into madness.

What seems to be the genius behind Myrkur is this sense of despairing beauty, with potential to go off at a moments notice the tracks have beautiful way of blending into one another. Drone like sections create a musical fog obscuring the oscillating grace of the singer. It also seems to be that contrast is a big make up of Myrkur’s philosophy in song writing. The gnashing vocals coupled with the flurry of blast beats on “Hæven” lend for a contradicting atmosphere that is both open yet oppressive.

At points in the record it would be questionable to call the album Black Metal at all, the beautiful interlude of “Nordlys” feeds off piano and the stark juxtaposition of the singers minimalist approach of merely a voice and keys makes for a resonating and sweet moment. Then appears the NWOBHM riffs of “Mordet” entirely chalk and cheese. Yet in an odd way both enhances the other, leaving space to enjoy the music. Often in Black Metal the relentless delivery can be tiring. It’s clear to see that the woman takes influence from genres all over. Sections even sounding almost like a sorrowful film score contrasted with the harrowing onslaught.

Closing with the goodnight kiss that is “Norn” the album peacefully tucks the listener in, when just moments before the spitting banshee was hurtling forwards in “Skadi“. Pushing the boundaries has always been what music has been about. With M, Myrkur has allowed us a glimpse into the death rattle of the senses. A final window into the soul and in doing so has created a fantastic, if you’re open to it, Black Metal album. Rightfully putting those lovers of Trve Kvlt in their place.

A different take on a genre that is so often characterised by it’s obstinance, which if you’re open to is a work of pure genius.

If you like what you read / heard then you can pick up the new album here!