Album Review : Cradle Of Filth – Dusk And Her Embrace…The Original Sin
8th July 2016, 15:26
Posted by Tristan

Opening the coffin lid once more we are greeted with the familiar smell of formaldehyde. Recently resurrected Cacophonous Records sees their first release being one of rebirth. A far cry from their ghoulish beginnings the Cradle of Filth of 2016 has seen an evolution within the band that will be taking them to higher plains in the realm of the horned one. Yet it wasn’t always like this, having been out of print for quite some time Dusk And Her Embrace finally sees a restoration of sorts. 


  1. Macabre, This Banquet
  2. Nocturnal Supremacy
  3. Heaven Torn Asunder
  4. Dusk And Her Embrace
  5. A Gothic Romance
  6. The Graveyard By Midnight
  7. Funeral In Carpathia
  8. Beauty Slept In Sodom
  9. The Haunted Shores of Avalon
  10. Carmilla’s Masque
  11. A Gothic Romance (Demo Track)
  12. Nocturnal Supremacy (Demo Track)

Length: 59:00
Label: Cacophonous Records
Release date: July 8th 2016

Released twenty years ago the world was very much a different place to the current day. With technology the likes of what we see today not in an artist’s wildest dreams now we have the ability to return to the dusty originals and beef them out. Before the band parted ways there was a previously unreleased record lurking which we now have the privilege to hear. The most striking element to do with Dusk And Her Embrace is the immediately remastering. The classics of “Heaven Torn Asunder” aren’t forcing the listener to turn up the volume on their sound system or to concentrate in order to hear the songs structure. “Gothic Romance” for example in its morose introduction suddenly envelops the lister rather than sounding outdated bring the band’s timeless sound into the modern day with the classic era song writing.

Once again the clarity of sound enables a rich, yet bleak tapestry to be done justice with the new mix seeing tracks shine through the previously murky undergrowth of production. The appropriate clang of the bass guitar, often a forgotten instrument in “Funeral In Carpathia” is brought center stage amid Dani Filth‘s searing vocals. Of course it’s a classic album for a reason, the record features premier classic Cradle of Filth sounds yet with this new dressing including newer artwork the overall feel for the album is that much more malevolent. The demonic  keyboards of “Carmilla’s Masque” now paint a macabre picture particularly when the warped cries of babies enter the scene. Creating what could be an uplifting melody to be doleful and melancholic acting as the perfect outro after “The Haunted Shores Of Avalon” and for those seeking more are included bonus tracks after the original album is finished. 

Dusk And Her Embrace might not be a new Cradle of Filth album but instead a regeneration of what was an album that would be hard pressed to have clarity. Now completely repackaged and reimagined the album tales the tales of Horror as they were meant to be. With the band having returned to their somewhat classic sound on latest release Hammer Of The Witches, Dusk And Her Embrace is a grim, cob web ridden excavation into the crypts of classic Cradle of Filth that die hard fans will love. 

Well fleshed out melodies are now quite rightly in the spotlight, levels are appropriate giving sections the ability of truly crawling under your skin. Make no mistake from the cradle Dusk And Her Embrace hath risen, again.