Album Review : Alter Bridge – The Last Hero
6th October 2016, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

Spider-Man, Batman even Superman known throughout cultures to be the flag bearers of justice and civil upstanding. Glorifying acts of kindness and examples of selflessness. Juxtapose this to the life of a firefighter, the underdog of heroism. Or perhaps the one lad that stands up for someone at school? The donor who was able to keep a person alive owing to his kindness. These are the true definition of the word hero. Taking note from past experience and current day Alter Bridge have rallied thirteen pertinent war cry’s representing these understated people to ensure that will never be The Last Hero.


  1. Show Me A Leader
  2. The Writing On The Wall
  3. The Other Side
  4. My Champion
  5. Poison In Your Veins
  6. Cradle To The Grave
  7. Losing Patience
  8. This Side Of Fate
  9. You Will Be Remembered
  10. Crows On A Wire
  11. Twilight
  12. Island of Fools
  13. The Last Hero

Length: 67:00
Label: Napalm Records
Release date: October 7th 2016

Kings of the mid afternoon slot at Download, Alter Bridge are mainstream Metal at its finest. Don’t take this to be criticism however, able to craft genius songs together with more hooks than Davey Jones’ locker. Owing in part to the muscular pipes of one Myles Kennedy. Outdoing himself on their latest release the likes of “Poison In My Veins” almost sees the singer take center stage with his ability dwarfing the likes of commercial singers. Remaining well in the confines of the Alter Bridge make up tracks are more experimental whilst staying in their five minute bracket like the Muse loving “This Side Of Fate” whose scales launch Tremonti into the stratosphere for yet another tasteful lead section.

Masters of the verse, chorus, verse structure the band navigate “My Champion” with ease with a chicken pickin’ style intro making way for the arrival of another arena worthy chorus from Kennedy. Aided by Scott Philips powerhouse drum playing able to change from the simplistic kick drum patterns to mounting tension on “The Other Side”. Kings of the gateway sound the band will forever bridge the gap between the fair weather Metal fan and those who are destine to become more entrenched. Set to undertake their biggest tour yet, the likes of the postcard to memory “You Will Be Rememebered” will no doubt be screamed back to the band. Straddling a line between predictability and repetition each melody gives the listener a gentle tug into their chosen direction allowing for tracks to become embedded in memory quickly.

Kicking things up a notch the more boisterous of “Crows On A Wire” sees the bruiser aspect of the band brought forward. Standout single “Show Me A Leader” though works as the perfectly encapsulation of the group as a whole. Flanked by hammering drums and another perfectly crafted solo from Tremonti once more, it’s a masterclass in songwriting. In the three years since Fortress, Alter Bridge have evolved. Tremonti releasing his debut album perhaps having more of a wider spectrum in the arena of songwriting has given flight to a truly fantastic record that no doubt the fans of the more obscure music will turn their nose up to but would do well to listen to. Coupling together fantastic musicianship and inspired songwriting Alter Bridge will forever remain steadfast on the throne of the mainstream. Ensuring that as the rhetorical questions of Kennedy asked in title track “The Last Hero” are pondered they would be forever answered by a resounding cry from our unsung heroes of reality, their fans. The real heroes of the hour.  

Sleek and slick songwriting have shown that Alter Bridge are still the top dogs in the arena of mainstream Metal. Experimental whilst retaining their signature sound the record is a brilliant addition making any Metal fan ecstatic even if the elitists might turn their nose up slightly.

If you like what you read / heard then you can pick up the brand new album here!