Deez Nuts Announce New Album Binge And Purgatory
20th January 2017, 17:49
Posted by Tristan

Ahead of their forthcoming tour Deez Nuts have announced their brand new album Binge And Purgatory. 

Necrophagist Reissue Epitaph On Vinyl
20th January 2017, 10:20
Posted by Tristan

Whilst we wait for a new Necrophagist album they’re re-releasing an old one! 

An Interview With : Waltteri Väyrynen (Paradise Lost)
18th January 2017, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

Doing the double shift at this year’s Bloodstock, following an appearance earlier in the day with Vallenfyre, new Paradise Lost drummer Waltteri Väyrynen treated fans of the festival to the premier Doom grooves that the band are known for. Hardly performing in Europe this year, the band make the most of their performance at this years Bloodstock. Speaking to the drummer we pondered how the man fit in with the band dynamic. Being friends and bandmates with Greg Mackintosh, there lies and understanding present but how does this translate in one of the biggest doom bands in the world?

Power Trip Reveal Second Track From New Album
18th January 2017, 12:37
Posted by Tristan

Taken off their forthcoming record, Nightmare Logic, today Power Trip reveal “Executioners Tax (Swing Of The Axe“. 

Oathbreaker Announce US Tour
18th January 2017, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

Taking the world by storm with their 2016 release Rheia, now Oathbreaker have announced a US tour with some intimidating support. 

Converge Announce Live Album Jane Live
17th January 2017, 12:47
Posted by Tristan

A simple title from Converge.

Immolation Issue Trailer Number Three
16th January 2017, 18:18
Posted by Tristan

And they’ve made the cover of Decibel. 

Album Review : Code Orange – Forever
16th January 2017, 13:15
Posted by Tristan

Life is hard as the saying goes. Born with a silver spoon some never need to work at all for their merits and will simply be set for life, others might be less fortunate. Delusional to the arduous reality of the real world the silver spoons have nothing to go through but the hard boiled, harsh understanding of rusted spoons goes a long way. Hard to describe as a musical quality the idea of ugly music is somewhat out of the box. Falling out of the ugly tree and hitting every branch on the way down, Code Orange present to us some of the most downtrodden  riffs to hit 2017. Shown their brand new concoction of vehemence and grit, welcome to the world of Forever.

Thy Art Is Murder Rejoined Live By CJ McMahon
16th January 2017, 10:50
Posted by Tristan

It seems that it is true, from the sounds of it, CJ is back in Thy Art Is Murder

The Mute Gods Believe “We Can’t Carry On” 
13th January 2017, 13:52
Posted by Tristan

Especially in this brand new video and brilliant song to boot!

Thy Art Is Murder Release “No Absolution” Song In Celebration of CJ’s Return
20th January 2017, 15:34
Posted by Tristan

What a welcome! 

Live Review: Sirenia + Tyr + Unleash The Archers
19th January 2017, 12:40
Posted by Chris

It’s yet another one of life’s pleasures that descends upon London this evening, the magnificent tour package that constitutes the metal heavyweights of Sirenia and Tyr, and the addition of starlets Unleash The Archers. A diverse palette of metal that somehow appeases everyone, it’s one of those shows you simply can’t miss.

Album Review : Aversions Crown – Xenocide
18th January 2017, 16:09
Posted by Tristan

Throughout cultural history the idea that we are not alone has been a fascinating one. Spanning years, aliens have always been a hot topic amongst fiction, even causing the public to believe a radio reading of War of The Worlds was real! Embedded into society’s culture, no doubt in aid to the likes of Ridley Scott and James Cameron, the overall idea is that aliens are probably not going to be very nice when we have an encounter of The Fourth Kind and now we get to know what they would all have on their stereos…

The Contortionist Share Studio Update
18th January 2017, 12:15
Posted by Tristan

We get a little update from the band that has made us even more excited for the brand new album. 

Green Day Release Video For “Troubled Times”
17th January 2017, 14:48
Posted by Tristan

Perhaps not a coincidence this song is released the week Trump becomes president…

Incubus Finish Recording Record
17th January 2017, 10:55
Posted by Tristan

We’ll be seeing a new record perhaps sooner than we thought. 

August Burns Red To Bring Messengers Tour To Europe
16th January 2017, 17:01
Posted by Tristan

Celebrating their ten year anniversary of the band’s landmark album, the tour, where the band will be performing the record in its entirety is coming the Europe and the UK. Metalcore dreams do come true. 

Emmure Announce New Album Look At Yourself
16th January 2017, 12:50
Posted by Tristan

Frankie Palmieri and co announce a brand new album set for spring. 

An Interview With : Adam D (Killswitch Engage)
13th January 2017, 15:13
Posted by Tristan

The lifestyle of touring can often be somewhat of a misnomer. Similar to that of a military private, returning to civilian style life can surely be an adjustment. Mainstayers in the Metalcore arena, Killswitch Engage are one of the defining Metal bands of the mid 00’s. Singlehandedly carrying the genre under its crippling weight, the band refuse to crumble under the pressure. Having released their latest blueprint for bands to follow, Incarnate, the band were jettisoned out to a huge world tour, culminating in a final performance with Bullet For My Valentine at London’s Brixton Academy. As we wound down the year in 2016 we spoke to resident mad man and Metalcore mascot, Adam D about the hardships of touring and their brand new album Incarnate.

Metal Hammer Have Returned
13th January 2017, 11:46
Posted by Tristan

They’re back! 

Warbringer Release First New Track “Silhouettes”
20th January 2017, 11:15
Posted by Tristan

Listen to the first new song from Warbringer’s return,Woe To The Vanquished. 

Obituary Unveil First Track “Sentence Day” 
19th January 2017, 10:50
Posted by Tristan

The first off their brand new self titled album. 

Support Announced For Gojira European Tour
18th January 2017, 15:20
Posted by Tristan

This is one hell of a line up. 

Benighted Unveil Brutal New Video For “Reptilian” NSFW
18th January 2017, 11:25
Posted by Tristan

A track that will make even cold blooded animals’ blood curl. 

Helloween Announce Pumpkins United London Date 
17th January 2017, 13:27
Posted by Tristan

Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen will be back together with the original line up from the golden years of Helloween

Live Review: Sabaton + Accept + Twilight Force
16th January 2017, 22:04
Posted by Chris

In a world where veterans would take preference over those less experienced in the field, Accept would be headlining this power house of a heavy metal line-up this evening. It just goes to show though, Sabaton are that big now.

Me And That Man Announce Album And London Show
16th January 2017, 13:43
Posted by Tristan

For those who might not know, that’s the name of everyone’s favourite satanist Nergal’s brand new country outfit. 

Kreator Release Trailer No4 
16th January 2017, 11:30
Posted by Tristan

We return once again to Mille Petrozza for another update on what it was like to record the latest Kreator record. 

Memoriam Announce For The Fallen Album
13th January 2017, 14:25
Posted by Tristan

And there’s a new song too, but check out that artwork!!

Darkest Hour Announce European Headline Tour 
13th January 2017, 11:27
Posted by Tristan

At last! They’re coming back! 

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