Babymetal To Support Red Hot Chili Peppers
26th August 2016, 11:45
Posted by Tristan

What a strange yet somehow genius pairing! 

Meshuggah Premiere “Born In Dissonance”
25th August 2016, 16:40
Posted by Tristan

The time has come, the aliens have indeed landed and we can finally hear a brand new Meshuggah track. Get ready. 

Animals As Leaders Announce The Madness Of Many Tour
25th August 2016, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Along with some new album details to be following shortly.

Vader Release Brand New Lyric Video
24th August 2016, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Another day, another lyric video!

Jukka Nevalainen Rejoins Nightwish For ‘Last Ride of the Day’ Performance
23rd August 2016, 17:25
Posted by Chris

Nightwish’s drummer has been sidelined for sometime with insomnia, but has mustered up the courage to return to the stage much to the surprise of the fans!

Carcass Announce Headline US Tour With Great Support
23rd August 2016, 14:05
Posted by Tristan

In keeping with the trend of differing line ups Carcass have announced a new US tour with support coming in the form of Inter Arma and Deafheaven.

Korn Unveil Video For “Insane”
22nd August 2016, 15:45
Posted by Tristan

After premiering the brand new track Korn have made their brand new video for Insane available for our viewing pleasure. 

Album Review: Delain – Moonbathers
22nd August 2016, 09:00
Posted by Chris

Delain have transformed into an ambitious supergroup project into a symphonic powerhouse, easily now ranking alongside the Dutch greats of Within Temptation, Epica and After Forever. The band are on a perpetual mission to gain an identity as a great in their own manner, and with each album, they have succeeded a little more. Is ‘Moonbathers‘ the album to fire the band into the stratosphere?

Darkthrone Reveal New Track “Tundra Leech”
19th August 2016, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

In a slightly different reveal Darkthrone have unveiled their latest track with a little bit of spoken word as an introduction.

Baroness Announce Australia / New Zealand Tour
19th August 2016, 11:01
Posted by Tristan

At long last the lands from down under will be able to get some of that Purple goodness.

Sonata Arctica Reveal Second Trailer
26th August 2016, 11:05
Posted by Tristan

The Ninth Hour is soon approaching. 

Bloodstock 2016 : Day Two
25th August 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

After the absolutely phenomenal first day’s proceedings the bar was set incredibly high for Saturday. As the crowd thankfully weren’t needed to evacuate their slowly sinking tents owing to the constant beam of beautiful sunshine, save for that terrifying moment when we all woke up and heard rain, the ground had stayed firm. Walking / stumbling / running into the main stage area we were greeted with the roar of approval brought forth from the English take on Death ‘n’ Roll that is Vallenfyre.

A Download 2016 Interview With : Travis Miguel (Atreyu)
24th August 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

A return can often be somewhat of a nerve wracking instance, marking their comeback with the release of their brand new album Long Live last September, Atreyu are very much back in the game. Performing at this year’s Download Festival we saw the band bring out the big guns in the form of old material and new bangers at their set. Fortunately we were able to catch up with long time member and guitarist extraordinaire Travis Miguel after the band’s set to speak to the man about Long Live, the band’s return and what the future might hold now.

Evanescence To Tour The US This Fall
23rd August 2016, 17:43
Posted by Chris

The famed goth-metallers are heading back out into the live arena – first stop – the good old USA!

Album Review : The Pineapple Thief – Your Wilderness
23rd August 2016, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

The interpretation of wilderness can be manifold, potentially signifying a land that is barren, devoid of modern society or a more conceptual adaptation in the form of the metaphoric wilderness. The sense of abandon felt on a tertiary level rather than an obvious one. Playing with the idea of abandonment The Pineapple Thief delve into their own world to create an incredibly abstract take on the idea of wilderness in its true sense.

Album Review: Twilight Force – Heroes of Mighty Magic
23rd August 2016, 12:31
Posted by Chris

Many would say that power metal is a dying breed. It’s hard to argue really. Apart from the classics, how many fresh faces have you seen in the genre that have really blown you away? But with a new major record contract, someone has put a lot of faith in Twilight Force…time to find out why!

Bloodstock 2016 : Day One
22nd August 2016, 14:41
Posted by Tristan

Often seen as a throwaway word, community is something that is felt throughout each genre of music. However none is more in a sense of unity than that of Metal. Beginning as a small family run festival Bloodstock has fast become one of the premier Metal festivals in the UK. Showcasing band’s from all different genre specifics, from the moody Norwegian stylings of Black Metal to the bloodsoaked entrails of Death Metal. Banding together once again this August for three more days of Metal bliss we were kindly enough invited back to the UK’s premier extreme Metal festival. Complete with good ol Bloodstock Jesus, crowd favourite Darth Vader and enough fire to ignite hell itself, this is our account of Bloodstock 2016.

Opeth Detail Wembley Arena And Other Shows
19th August 2016, 16:15
Posted by Tristan

Known for their grandiose stage performances Opeth are not one to do shows by halves. Easily their biggest shows to date Wembley Arena will play host to the swedes and their special sets complete with some surprises for classic fans. 

EP Review : Skeletonwitch – The Apothic Gloom
19th August 2016, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, suffering somewhat of a speed bump after the set back that was the departure of longtime vocalist Chance Garnette, Skeletonwitch slowed down somewhat. After the deadly strike that was Serpents Unleashed the band were uncertain which direction to go in. Eventually settling on Wolvhammer singer Adam Clemans, cutting the band’s teeth instead of going the whole hog with an album the band settled on releasing a four track EP, The Apothic Gloom. 

Out of Nowhere Metallica Release A New Track…and It’s Actually Good!
18th August 2016, 21:26
Posted by Chris

Where the hell did this come from?!

Asphyx Debut Title Track For New Album
25th August 2016, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

Along with announcing various preorder formats. 

King 810 Release Video For “Alpha And Omega”
25th August 2016, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

The second track coming from their brand new album La Petite Mort or A Conversation With God titled “Alpha And Omega” has a somewhat shocking video to go with it.

Children Of Bodom Announce American Tour With Abbath
24th August 2016, 11:51
Posted by Tristan

Everyone’s favourite guitar slaying Finns are heading out on a big US tour and bringing some frosty support with them. 

Troy Seele Quits Iced Earth
23rd August 2016, 17:37
Posted by Chris

After nearly 10 years with the band, the guitarist has decided it is time to step down.

Insomnium Announce Support For European Shows
23rd August 2016, 14:45
Posted by Tristan

Shortly releasing their brand new album Winter’s Gate, Insomnium will be embarking on a European Tour supporting the record. 

Devildriver and Ministry at London’s Forum : Live Review
22nd August 2016, 16:30
Posted by Tristan


Architects’ Tom Searle Passes Away
22nd August 2016, 09:20
Posted by Tristan

It is with a heavy heart that I write this today.

Cattle Decapitation Announce US Tour
19th August 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Having conquered all of the corners of Europe Cattle Decapitation announce that they will be bringing their brand of Grind back to the US this Autumn.

Touché Amoré Release New Track “Skyscraper”
19th August 2016, 11:30
Posted by Tristan

Unveiling a third brand new track from the band’s forthcoming record Stage Four featuring a helping hand by female vocalist Julien Baker

Kristen May Leaves Flyleaf
18th August 2016, 14:38
Posted by Chris

Sad news for Flyleaf as yet another singer announces her abrupt departure from the band.

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