This Meshuggah Moshpit Will Make You Die Laughing
13th July 2017, 18:58
Posted by Chris

It’s rare that completely irrelevant life moments sync so well to metal – this is one of those moments.

Comeback Kid Talk Album Art In A New Trailer
10th July 2017, 11:21
Posted by Tristan

After their absolutely brilliant return with new single Absolute Comeback Kid are firmly in the drivers seat of Posi Hardcore once again. Now the band explain a little more behind the albums title and artwork!

Lose Yourself In Myrkur’s “Måneblôt”
29th June 2017, 13:11
Posted by Tristan

Both seen as a visionary and an heathen by the fans who deem themselves too kvlt, Myrkur made waves with her 2015 release that was simply M. Now the female fronted Black Metal maiden will be returning with her brand new album Mareridt and has made debut single “Måneblôt” available for your listening pleasure.

Paradise Lost Unveil First Teaser For Medusa
27th June 2017, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

Having just announced their brand new album, the long wait for Medusa continues as the band have unveiled a snippet of their track “The Longest Winter” to come off Medusa on September 1st via Nuclear Blast.

The Haunted Return With Brute Force
26th June 2017, 12:30
Posted by Tristan

Known for their no nonsense mentality, The Haunted are one of the premier acts of the Metal world that are severely underrated. Combining elements of classic Hardcore with the classic Swedish melodic Death Metal sound they are the kings of the riff. Now, having previously announced their new album Strength in Numbers, the band have unveiled their first single “Brute Force” and it packs a punch.

Find out Wednesday 13’s Horror Movie Ideas And Talking Condolences
23rd June 2017, 13:45
Posted by Tristan

Recently playing an absolutely blistering set at Download Festival, Wednesday 13 took the place by storm following the release of brand new album Condolences.

Havok, Fallujah and More Announce For Bloodstock 2017
20th June 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

As we’re almost nearing the time for Bloodstock the final couple of announcements are rolling in and they’ve got some brilliant surprises up their sleeves this year.

Alter Bridge’s Scott Phillips Discusses What The Last Hero Means To Him
19th June 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

What defines a hero? Portrayed throughout culture all over the world as the men who are in spandex flying around in the air, the reality is something a lot more humble. Having become more than a household name among Metalhead’s, Alter Bridge are one of the biggest bands going. Celebrating their monumental release that was 2016’s The Last Hero the band have been achieving goals most would never dream of. With a headline sold out O2 performance in their back pocket, the band now look to repeating history with their huge main support slot for Aerosmith, Download Festival’s Sunday headliners.

Currents’ Debut Album Sounds Like Failing Machinery, And That Is Awesome
19th June 2017, 05:05
Posted by Chris

Metalcore is under going an identity revolution, and Currents are helping with it’s long needed transformation with their new album ‘The Place I Feel Safest‘.

Carach Angren Have The Last Laugh on Spectacular New Album Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten
16th June 2017, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

The art of story telling is hardly something new. A huge part of culture, entire civilisations have been built on the art of telling a story, be it factual or fictional. Giving birth to the idea of literature and film but how can it be incorporated in music? The concept album is an art form that has been around since its seventies hey day. Forming a bridge between the Horror medium and the concept album Carach Angren have had their finger on the (deceased) pulse of the story. Previously releasing 2015’s This Is No Fairytale, now the band return for their most ambitious haunting yet, Dance and Laugh Amongst The Rotten.

Decapitated : The (Anti)Cult Classic
11th July 2017, 11:00
Posted by Tristan

Decapitated. One of the biggest debates among metalheads, the absolute epitome of old vs new. Beginning at such a young age, these pioneers of Death Metal had a pretty rough and ultimately uncertain future ahead. In their inception the band would be more akin to the likes of Morbid Angel or Deicide. What would come next many deem as Death Metal royalty, Nihility, an album that is just as relevant to this day as it was back in 2001. Not stopping for anything the band forged ahead again, with The Negation further cementing their sound until their Death Metal zenith that was Organic Hallucinosis.

Orden Ogan Share Their Dark Western Fantasy On ‘Gunmen’
30th June 2017, 08:00
Posted by Chris

There are a million and one power metal bands from Germany out there, yet somehow Orden Ogan have managed to slam their flag into the top of the mountain that gets increasingly harder to climb. The band have continued to make an impression throughout continental Europe, and slowly the world. We spoke to the band about how they’ve managed to stand out in an over-saturated market, and how their upcoming album ‘Gunmen‘ stands against the rest.

The US Get All The Good Tours! 
28th June 2017, 12:01
Posted by Tristan

Featuring : Cattle Decapitation , Revocation, Full of Hell and Artificial Brain. Wow. 

Devildriver : The Outlaws of Metal With Dez Fafara
27th June 2017, 11:48
Posted by Tristan

Despite what might be polarising opposites, subgenres are an example of community. United in their struggles, the common goal of a sense of unity brings disparate musical elements into the same boat. Any self respecting Metalhead will know the fierce loyalty represented in the Metal community could be applied to the likes of Dance or Jazz, perhaps even Country…

Don’t Fuck With Dying Fetus
23rd June 2017, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

Known for their take no prisoners style of Death Metal, Dying Fetus are one of the most relentless forces in the Death Metal world. Fiercely reliable the band haven’t released any new material for more than five years now, until now.

Discussing The Future (In Whose Eyes) With Dan Weller (Download 2017) 
22nd June 2017, 12:31
Posted by Tristan

Hard to believe that it has been almost twenty years since Sikth were formed. Leagues ahead of their peers the band are somewhat of a misunderstood entity. After deciding to call it quits, Much to everyone’s excitement the band announced they would be returning for an EP. The testing of the water that was the Opacities EP was indeed fruitful and what came next was The Future In Whose Eyes. 

Meet The Lurking Fear, A Death Metal Fans Dream
20th June 2017, 13:22
Posted by Tristan

Swedish Death Metal is often cited as one of the most important of the sub category Death Metal groups. Responsible for one of the genres all time greats, At The Gates created this quintessential sound. Having returned back in 2014 it seems that this is quite enough for the band’s singer Tomas Lindberg and Adrian Erlandsson. Combine other elements of classic acts such as Disfear, God Macabre and Skitsystem and you get The Lurking Fear.

Download Festival 2017 – The Year The Sun Shone
19th June 2017, 12:00
Posted by Tristan

Arriving for the final day at our festival experience, once again the entry was nice and smooth and after I had pepped up having had a lovely coffee from the complimentary press area, I was wandering around and seeing a fair amount of Aerosmith t-shirts…

Chon Are California Dreamin’ With New LP Homey
17th June 2017, 10:10
Posted by Tristan

Known for its laid back attitude, California is the stoner of the western world. Known for being both the sides those who are so relaxed you think they might fall over and the out and out disgustingly rich, its a state that has a lot going on. Wanting to soak up the former type of vibe, musical virtuosos Chon holed themselves up at a beach house and recorded one of the most chilled out records you’ll hear and a perfect anthem for those who might not be digging the summer top forty on radio.

Arcadea Walk With Synth Giants On Debut Album
16th June 2017, 10:16
Posted by Tristan

Music can be sophisticated to the highest level but what does sophistication mean? Not one for taking the easy route, Brann Dailor is very much a perfectionist yet what shines through just as much is a sense of voyage. Swapping King Crimson for Tangerine Dream, a different kind of sophistication presents itself in the form of Arcadea.

Stone Sour And Their (Hydrog)radical New Album
10th July 2017, 13:23
Posted by Tristan

Stone Sour, a major player in the mainstream Metal scene the band are arguably one of the biggest in the scene. With it being four years since the release of their double album extraordinaire that was The House of Gold And Bones, lots has changed in the Stone Sour camp. Resolving to return in 2017, the band would set to work on their brand new album and first without long time guitarist and fellow Slipknot pal, James Root.

When Buying Records Was All The Rage
29th June 2017, 14:30
Posted by Tristan

In an exclusive video, Germany’s Rage get nostalgic with their look back into their own record collection with some of their first records they bought and their all time favourites. They definitely had good taste!

Ten Years Later : August Burns Red – “Messengers”
28th June 2017, 09:50
Posted by Tristan

Metalcore, ah the lifesblood of the mid two thousands. What was once one of the biggest players in the Metal world, now seems to be falling somewhat by the wayside. Of course there are the likes of Pierce The Veil, Of Mice and Men etc… that are carrying the genres far reaching flag. Not forgetting Killswitch Engage but the genre is somewhat stale, save for one band.

The Black Dahlia Murder’s Nocturnal Turns Ten
26th June 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

And what better way to celebrate than a one off vinyl re-release of the record!

Goatwhore Ascend Higher Than Ever Before On New Album
23rd June 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Recording live is hardly somewhat of a novelty but in recent years it seems to have made a real resurgence among the most unlikely of bands. Last year, for example the technical behemoth’s that are Meshuggah released their new album recorded entirely live! Proof that regardless of how technical the material might be, it is possible to record live. Following up their 2012 effort Constricting Rage of The Merciless, Goatwhore resolved to change their recording habits of working with esteemed Metal producer Erik Rutan and instead bring a whole new idea to the table.

Broken Hope’s Mutilated and Assimilated – Whatever It Is, It’s Ugly And Its Pissed Off
21st June 2017, 14:03
Posted by Tristan

One of the darker routes of cinema, Horror is in its own interpretation the portrayal of that dark place, the place we never want to find ourselves in. A place where fans flirt with the idea of danger yet remain perfectly at ease in their seats. Taking this same ideaology into account Death Metal is very much a similar trip in a more aural sense. Depictions of graphic violence, horrendous creatures and a whole lot of nastiness, there’s nothing quite like it. Known to be a huge horror movie fan, one Jeremy Wagner has been fusing the two together for more than twenty five years with his Brutal Death Metal outfit Broken Hope. Returning with 2012’s lecherous offering that was Omen of Disease the band have recouped their creative effort to return for what could be their most horrendous release yet, Mutilated And Assimilated.

Reimagining The Contortionist At Download With Robby Baca
20th June 2017, 10:52
Posted by Tristan

The nature of progressive music is to challenge the musical apartheid. Thriving on creativity, The Contortionist are a band like no other. Enlisting the vocal stylings of one Michael Lessard, the band made a radical departure from their previous offering that was Intrinsic in the form of 2014’s Language. Earning critical acclaim from across the board with fans alike, it sparked what could well be a paradigm shift for the modern age of Progressive Metal. Having unveiled their latest single “Reimagined” to come off September’s forthcoming album Clairvoyant the band have once again rewritten the rules.

Leprous Release First New Song From Malina 
19th June 2017, 11:29
Posted by Tristan

At last! Finally fans of Leprous can hear the brand new sounds the band have been experimenting with.

Download 2017 : Talking Anchors and Arseholes with Chris Bowes From Alestorm
16th June 2017, 17:53
Posted by Tristan

Completing their latest voyage into the unknown, Alestorm have released their brand new record No Grave But The Sea. A combination of tom foolery and absolute genius, the record was a big surprise for me. Particularly since Pirate Metal was not really my thing, I have since been won over by the scallywags!

Have Thy Art Is Murder Finally Gone Death Metal?
16th June 2017, 08:18
Posted by Tristan

Thy Art Is Murder, what was once a small band from Australia have become an entity that are heralding the new era of Deathcore. Having released two albums on Nuclear Blast, Hate and Holy War the band have seen an exponential growth in popularity. Somewhat stunning audiences the world over with his sudden departure from the band they toured with stand in vocalists for a little while before recently announcing that CJ would be returning with the band to record a brand new album. Today the band have announced their new record to be Dear Desolation, with an August 18th release and have premiered a brand new track. 

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