Download 2017 – The Year The Sun Shone (Saturday)
15th June 2017, 17:58
Posted by Tristan

Arriving bright eyed and (surprisingly) bushy tailed this morning, its back to the guest arena entrance where the queue is somewhat slow owing to the security checks. Something I feel that I should mention, given the current climate of the world Download’s security procedure was nothing short of remarkable. Quick, efficient and on time I didn’t miss one band or interview owing to their speed so yet another big tick in the box. As I got out of being searched the thick eight stringed din of Hacktivist could be heard bounding from the main stage. The closer I got, the better it sounded! After the departure of longtime singer Ben Marvin’s departure from the band, they’ve found a suitable successor in the form of Jot Maxi who delivered with the combination of Jermaine Hurley at his side. It was a fitting if slightly unconventional way for Download to wake up!

Download 2017 – The Year The Sun Shone (Friday)
14th June 2017, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

As Britain was slowly coming down from the snap election high, Theresa May was forced into an uncomfortable position, whilst Labour supporters were fully into what many are now calling The Corbyn Effect. Not scheduled to land together, the overall result following Friday morning’s news set the tone perfectly for an absolutely fantastic three day break away to one of the best European events, Download Festival.

Comeback Kid More Than Turn It Around In Their New Single
13th June 2017, 10:30
Posted by Tristan

An unlikely pairing of Devin Townsend in the track and they’ve announced that they have signed to Nuclear Blast!

Suffocation Embrace The Darkness on …Of The Dark Light
9th June 2017, 17:00
Posted by Tristan

Instrumental in the perfection of what was the nineties death Metal scene, Suffocation have long been heralded as the godfathers of this, most bloodthirsty of genres. Having continued since their nineties hey day, the band have continually upped the ante with each release. Following the release of 2012’s Pinnacle of Bedlam, the band embarked on a hectic touring schedule the world over. Returning to the studio at the tail end of 2016, the band resolved to revitalise their sound, the end result was Of The Dark Light.

Avert Your Eyes To The Stoney Gaze of Paradise Lost
6th June 2017, 14:15
Posted by Tristan

Shortly after having signed to Nuclear Blast, Paradise Lost have unveiled their follow up to 2015’s The Plague Within titled Medusa.

Fates Warning Are Playing Brilliant Live Shows These Days
5th June 2017, 17:00
Posted by Chris

I’ve never been a huge fan of this band bar ‘Awaken The Guardian‘, but damn…Fates Warning are great live!

Album Review: Dream Evil – Six
5th June 2017, 12:00
Posted by Chris

Do you remember Dream Evil? You’d be forgiven if you’ve forgotten. It’s been 7 years since the band last released an album, but the Swedish power metallers make a ballsy return with their aptly titled new album ‘Six‘.

Wednesday 13 Send Their Condolences On Brilliant New Album
2nd June 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

The union of both Horror and the genre of Metal is a phenomenon that many don’t quite understand. Taking from each other both genres creatively bounce off one another and even in some cases sees work bred together. A fine example being Rob Zombie, known for his horrific films just as much as his music. However there is another master of the macabre in the form of Wednesday 13.

Loathe As One In The Light Of The Cold Sun : Meet The Band With A Difference
1st June 2017, 16:25
Posted by Tristan

To be original in the year 2017 is a hard ask. With the sheer amount of bands that are freely available multiplying day by day, to do something different you have to really stand out of the crowd. Despite taking a leaf out of the Slipknot style book with their vocalist’s decision to wear masks for their EP, Loathe have since abandoned this sense of anonymity and taken to their own niche. 

Album Review: Unleash The Archers – Apex
31st May 2017, 08:00
Posted by Chris

In a decade of the band’s existence, it took 2015’s ‘Time Stands Still‘ to grant an audience with the world. Now that they have your attention, Unleash the Archers want to show you their full heavy metal arsenal. We review the new opus, ‘Apex‘.

Download 2017 : The Raven Age – Darkness Is Rising
15th June 2017, 16:56
Posted by Tristan

For those of you who might have been on their recent UK tour, Anthrax took these London lads under their wing (no pun intended). Recently releasing their brand new album Darkness Will Rise, The Raven Age are set to bring a new kind of Metal to the masses. Now with a huge UK tour under their belt and multiple Download performances, the band have aimed for their biggest to date on Zippo’s Encore Stage.

Download 2017 – Motionless In White and The Story of Graveyard Shift
14th June 2017, 13:35
Posted by Tristan

Interactions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From the everyday hello of bystanders to moments that for some are far more memorable. Know for their loyal fan base, Motionless In White have been in touch with their fans from the word go. Going as far as incorporating lyrics from the fans of track “Creatures” the band wanted to involve the fans further with their decision of cover artwork.

The Faceless Have Released A Brand New Song
13th June 2017, 09:30
Posted by Tristan

But do we care?

Tristan’s Top Five Metal Tracks – June
8th June 2017, 09:30
Posted by Tristan

One of the many joys of being part of the musical world is the ability to listen to all sorts or material out there. I thought it was high time that I compiled a monthly list of my top five tracks.

Carach Angren From Fairytales To Ouija
6th June 2017, 13:10
Posted by Tristan

The idea of a concept within the music is not one that is far fetched. First appearing during the sixties, the idea was at large during the seventies via the Prog movement. It has since then been working its way into the DNA of Metal. Tied together by a what could be a story or running theme throughout the album. Opting for a slightly different take on the concept album, Carach Angren, a name inspired by one of the many fictional, Tolkien created languages are a band where concepts are at their core. Combining elements of Black Metal, Death Metal and Symphonic Metal, the trio made up of Seregor, Ardek and Namtar, have created a unique approach to not only song writing but story telling itself.

Album Review: Secret Sphere – The Nature of Time
5th June 2017, 15:00
Posted by Chris

The hidden power metal gems that are Secret Sphere return with their first original studio album in 5 years, and have produced a concept entitled ‘The Nature of Time‘. The Italians’ discography is excellent, and we see how this one holds up in the back-catalogue.

Whether Its Ariana Grande, Gojira, Justin Bieber, The Black Dahlia Murder or Coldplay We’ll Always Stand Together
5th June 2017, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

This weekend has seen the re appearance of a threat that we all know to be true. Speaking in hushed tones, the atrocities that were committed in London on Saturday should never be ignored. Understanding that the only way to truly beat these horrendous acts is to come together, Manchester put on a triumphant show last night following the attack there just a mere two weeks ago. 

All You Need To Check Out At Download 2017
2nd June 2017, 11:05
Posted by Tristan

Hard to believe that we are now six months into the year of 2017. Thus far we’ve had the great orange tango monster up to his usual tricks once more, a divided English parliament that has called for a snap election and far more importantly some brilliant releases. Yet as we hit the halfway mark its also indicative of yet another mainstay of the year, Download Festival 2017.

Our Future Isn’t Bright According To Sikth’s Eyes
1st June 2017, 13:35
Posted by Tristan

Modernity can be a truly wondrous ideal. The ability to instantly connect to whatever or whomever you wish to when you’re half way around the other side of the world is something only that we would have dreamt of in the future. Nevertheless as with many things, it can be a double edged sword. With the advent of technology, we are becoming far too reliant on being connected, to the point where we are sadly just a mirage of what people deem to be connected.

Nineties Death Metal | Cannibal Corpse – Butchered At Birth
30th May 2017, 11:10
Posted by Tristan

Following on from their vicious debut of Eaten Back To Life, Cannibal Corpse began their second bloodied chapter. Still having the vocal talents of one Chris Barnes, their latest release would begin their truly horrendous album covers, which would lead to all sorts of bans over Europe. 

Akercocke Release “Disappear” Renaissance In Extremis For August Release
15th June 2017, 09:30
Posted by Tristan

At last! It’s finally coming. 

Download 2017 – How Have Exodus Never Played Download?
13th June 2017, 13:15
Posted by Tristan

For the seasoned Thrash fiend, you’ll no doubt be well acquainted with the sounds that are in part responsible for some of the craziest Bay Area Thrash anthems ever. Known just as well as their metallic counterparts, Exodus are just as vital in the world of Metal as the likes of Metallica. I mean, the lead guitarist Kirk Hammett began his Metal career in Exodus! So why is it that the band have never played the hallowed ground that is Donington?

Anathema Bring Their Optimistic Look To June
12th June 2017, 11:17
Posted by Tristan

Closure. An idea that we as humans have created, we crave the idea that something will be resolute. The idea that something can finish being open ended can often terrify most people. Acting as a foreword for their story, the band took 2001’s A Fine Day To Exit to pick up exactly where they had left off. Using the artwork from the record and the coordinates of the photograph taken in Silver Strand Beach where their faceless “man” was last seen and sixteen years later we come to The Optimist.

Time Waits For No Slave But I Did For Napalm Death
6th June 2017, 15:30
Posted by Tristan

Napalm Death are one of the most influential bands to come out of the Extreme Music scene and they might not be an easy dish to swallow at first but I certainly remember my first mouthful.

The Contortionist – “Reimagined”
6th June 2017, 08:15
Posted by Tristan

At last, yesterday The Contortionist broke the silence surrounding their brand new album by releasing their first single “Reimagined” from the forthcoming record Clairvoyant out September 15th.

Next To None’s “The Apple” Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree
5th June 2017, 13:27
Posted by Tristan

In keeping with the classic Train of Thought quote from “Honour Thy Father“, spelled out by Max Portnoy’s father the drum deity Mike Portnoy, where he says “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” it will take on a new meaning in Max’s band, Next To None have created their own story entirely from their brand new album.

Iced Earth Are ‘Incorruptible’
5th June 2017, 08:00
Posted by Chris

A new Iced Earth album is just around the corner. This indicates that a high octane heavy metal attack will be hoarding through your speakers shortly, and it will be relentless. Having a loyal fan base and such quality releases over their long career, we ask mainman Jon Schaffer about how the band have managed to stay so consistent, and whether the upcoming opus ‘Incorruptible‘ maintains that same philosophy.

Survival Guide To Wacken Open Air 2017
1st June 2017, 17:17
Posted by Chris

Summer is coming, and for a dedicated metalhead, that only means one thing… festival season is upon us. And that means it’s nearly time to make our annual pilgrimage to the Holy Metal Land – Wacken Open Air.

Vallenfyre Instil Not Only Fear But Quality Death Metal
1st June 2017, 10:31
Posted by Tristan

Created as homage to the nineties Death ’n’ Roll movement, Vallenfyre bring a potent mixture of grit munching, obsidian style riffs to the table that put simply flatten the listener. Helmed by one Greg Macintosh, you may now the man from his fame in Paradise Lost, Vallenfyre is a vehicle to the darker side of the melodic mourner. With much of the Old School sound of Swedish descent there are some bands that have slipped through the cracks in the UK. Returning with their sophomore effort following the chipped Splinter, Vallenfyre have at long last returned to seize the Swedish Death Metal throne once again.

A Riverside Story: How The Band Is Healing After Tragedy
30th May 2017, 08:00
Posted by Chris

In February last year, the ever popular Polish prog outfit were shocked with the sudden death of long-time guitarist Piotr Grudzinski. The tragedy ground band activities to a halt, with no future in sight. A year later, the band is finding it’s feet again by returning to the live stage. Before their London performance, we spoke to mainman Mariusz Duda on the return of Riverside to the live stage after coping with a difficult loss.

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