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Album Review : Wormrot – Voices
12th October 2016, 17:19
Posted by Tristan

Art is the single most important vehicle for the manifestation of self expression. Able to represent emotions of an abundant quality, from joie de vie to the deeper depths of the human psyche. Without expression none of this would be possible. Jackson Pollock’s famous paint splatter an afterthought, Rothko’s intricate piecing together of colour an idealistic dream even the likes of morbid surrealist Francis Bacon would have never taken flight. Taking this idea into a musical context freedom of expression can surpass genre classification. Known for their quashing of individuality the south east has been somewhat in the dark. Vilifying this ideal Wormrot return after a five year hiatus to deliver their signature breed of Singaporean Grindcore to the masses once again but will expression triumph?

Live Review | Damnation 2015 – Featuring : At The Gates, High On Fire, Asphyx
11th November 2015, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

With festival season being very much behind us and a plethora of new events to look forward to in 2016, we haven’t quite escaped just yet. Saving the best for last it would seem Leeds all dayer returns once again for another whirlwind year and for the first time The Metalist was able to see just what makes Damnation so special to the most blackened and decaying of hearts.