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Album of the Year Christmas Countdown : Day Eighteen
18th December 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Now with only a week away until Christmas we come to a much darker side of the festive season, so far have had the greats of :

Carach 1
An Interview With : Carach Angren (Ardek)
30th June 2015, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

Horror and Metal seemingly go hand in hand. Comprised of many of the aspects that draw people in. Both genres might be a different medium yet create the same effect. Deciding that Carach Angren would essentially create a hybrid between the two. Having three fantastic releases under their belt already the band decided to step it up a notch with this year’s release This Is No Fairytale. Where concept albums have almost become a trend , we spoke to Ardek about the band’s latest grim effort, how it came about, what exactly inspires our new ghoulish trio along with some of Ardek’s favourite film composers and of course what Horror films are some of his favourite of all time!