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Album of The Year #5 : Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep Of Reason
5th December 2016, 13:20
Posted by Tristan

Champions of innovation, upon hearing that the gears have begun to shift in the Meshuggah machine the coveted title of Album of The Year is beginning to slip through other bands’ fingers. Always wanting to push the envelope this time the Swedes focused their attack on the recording itself. Previously toiling with tone and experimenting with additional strings now the band look to themselves as exactly that, a band.

Meshuggah : Birthed In Dissonance
13th October 2016, 14:59
Posted by Tristan

Coercing curiosity to create knowledge, science is a vehicle for discovery. Simultaneously limitless yet terrifying all the same, responsible for countless evolutionary milestones. Demonstrating its disastrous consequences in the aftermath of Hiroshima this inquisitive nature is not reserved solely to scientists however. Bubbling away in Umea, Sweden musical scientists were slowly forming hypotheses, conducting experiments slowly but surely understanding their calculations.  Meshuggah, now in their twenty sixth year, are visionaries in the arena of sound. Inspiring yet unmatched through their avant garde approach to music. Set to unveil their next masterstroke The Violent Sleep Of Reason Meshuggah are set to recalculate, reevaluate and revolutionise Metal once again but what brings this unique approach to music? Where do the scientists get their proverbial textbooks? What makes Meshuggah’s clockwork tick? In an exclusive video Tomas Haake reveals just how the decision to begin a brand new Meshuggah chapter begins and the writing process behind their enigmatic creations. 

Album Review : Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep Of Reason
9th October 2016, 19:00
Posted by Tristan

“Because you’re worth it”, “Maybe it’s Maybeline” and of course the infamous “Beach Body Ready”. Living in the mass consumerist culture of the modern day people are intent on the idea of perfection. Shoehorning people into this dystopian ideal of perfection the theory creeps its way into the musical ideology. Aided and abetted by technology, music, particularly that of Metal has since devolved since the discovery of clinical machinery – ensuring this idea of perfection remains. Harbringers of this technological revolution, Meshuggah are pioneers of a sound exclusively married to perfection. Resolving to once again change the archetype Meshuggah return this year with The Violent Sleep Of Reason. Representing a paradigm shift in the genre the record was recorded entirely live. Bringing the idea of reality to their ideology of perfection, The Violent Sleep of Reason sees a band of perfect nature become imperfect for the first time.