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An Interview With : Brody Uttley (Rivers Of Nihil)
9th December 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Creating somewhat of a notoriety among the Death Metal scene in the US, Rivers of Nihil are fast becoming a leading band in the revolution of modern Death Metal. A revitalised sound, each album is anchored in the hallmarks of the Death Metal charm, yet with their latest album, 2015’s Monarchy Progressive elements have begun to infiltrate the band’s sound. On their first ever European tour, we were lucky enough to be able to speak to Rivers of Nihil guitarist Brody Uttley. Though you would imagine both western territories of Europe and the US would be similar each is a very different ordeal. Frought with new challenges on the road we spoke about everything from David Bowie to the four songs the band have written for their brand new album and the importance of the seasons in Rivers of Nihil’s thematic tapestry.

Rivers of Nihil
An Interview With Brody Uttley (Rivers Of Nihil) 
13th November 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

Evolution within a band can be one of the most important elements in their trajectory to greatness. Having released their brand new album Monarchy this August, Rivers of Nihil have been turning more than a few heads. Not only receiving critical acclaim but also the recommendation from Metal head’s the world over the band have begun to realise their full potential. Able to speak to guitar mastermind Brody Uttley, we sat down with the guitarist to speak about the brand new album, what the guitarist’s opinion of the current state of the Death Metal scene is in and what it’s like to incorporate the idea of seasons into a theoretical concept.

Album Review : Rivers Of Nihil – Monarchy
20th August 2015, 09:13
Posted by Tristan

Originality is becoming more and more scarce as with each year that arrives in the Metal calendar. Band after band sounding like copy cat images of each other, save for the select few who will go on to become visionaries, ushering in the new age of Metal. 

Rivers Of Nihil Release Video For “Sand Baptism”
6th August 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Rivers Of Nihil stake their claim to the Death Metal throne this year with their brand new album Monarchy. Ahead of its release later this month the band have premiered their music video for “Sand Baptism“. 

Rivers Of Nihil Release Title Track
9th July 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

Having announced that their brand new album Monarchy would be hitting the shelves this August Rivers Of Nihil are now debuting a second track.

Rivers Of Nihil Announce New Album
12th June 2015, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

After their absolutely brilliant debut album The Conscious Seed Of Light, Rivers Of Nihil have become somewhat of a cult act, now we see their return with the announcement of their brand new album.