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An Interview With : Ludwig Witt (Grand Magus)
6th September 2016, 17:35
Posted by Tristan

Cementing their reputation in the world of contemporary Heavy Metal this May with their ironclad new effort Sword Songs JB and his cohorts once again put on their metaphorical armour to ride into the battlefield of the stage. Bringing together quintessential elements of what makes up Grand Magus, thematically revolving around tales of the valiant and brave put together with their Maiden worthy choruses Grand Magus are beginning to become in a league totally of their own.

Amon Amarth Announce European Dates With Testament & Grand Magus
18th July 2016, 17:18
Posted by Chris

And even the monsters of Behemoth will be joining for a few dates if you are lucky enough to be in some of these cities…

Ross Silcocks - Iron Maiden - e426d1ca-3158-11e6-b04b-7e5f4a9d322b - Web
Download Festival 2016 : Live Review
17th June 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

The sense of anticipation seen for England’s Download Festival from its fans is something that many will never truly understand unless you were there to witness it first hand. The master of the “you just had to be there” quote. Formerly the host to the gargantuan Monsters of Rock has since become hallowed ground in the realm of the Metal world. Barricading ourselves away from the modern world for yet another three days Download 2016 might not have had the kindest of weather but with a spirit as tenacious as that of a Metal head it’s no matter. Across three days varying with four stages we were treated to some of the pedigree acts of both the modern and timeless classics creating a beautiful tapestry of classic influences to the likes of the forward thinking band’s leading the charge on modern Metal. Welcome to Download 2016.

Album Review : Grand Magus – Sword Songs
13th May 2016, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

Despite what lead guitarists might say the almighty power behind Heavy Metal lies within the power of the riff. Master of headbangers, wielder of rhythm creating a truly brilliant riff can be difficult to master. Keeping the spirit of Heavy Metal alive we see Grand Magus once again at the vanguard of Metal with their latest release Sword Songs. Raising their banners we meet head on to see what the band’s latest battle cry sounds like. On my signal…

Grand Magus Unveil Brand New Track
24th March 2016, 16:34
Posted by Tristan

Shortly releasing their brand new album Sword Songs in May fans will at last have a chance to hear brand new Grand Magus material in the form of “Varangian“.

Grand Magus Announce New Album
15th February 2016, 16:43
Posted by Tristan

The Swedish doom bringers have announced that they will also be releasing their eighth full length in 2016.

enslaved_0007_Layer 17
Live Review : Enslaved & Grand Magus
28th September 2015, 10:00
Posted by Tristan

As the final breezes of summer begin to come to a close we welcome times where cold governs. Leaves turn from their youthful green to their wise brown. Last week we saw a co-headliner of the progressive sort and now as the days begin to darken earlier and dawn comes later we are introduced back to those most frosty of genres, Black Metal. Though not only about our frost bitten fast paced riffing but also aiming to supply riffs in their thousands we see Grand Magus combine their efforts with tiitans Enslaved.