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Revo 2016
An Interview With : Dave Davidson (Revocation)
5th July 2016, 17:30
Posted by Tristan

Mankind in the animal kingdom is somewhat of an anomaly. Able to create free thinking independent ideas using past experiences to build foundation for theories and owing to our opposable thumbs have led us to be technically top of the food chain. Though we might be the most evolutionary of species there are arguments that our theoretical knowledge is incredibly infantile. Taking the words of one Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, Revocation begin their venture into their first ever concept album. Irrespective of time, location or ideal we as humans have an inherent urge ranging from the morbid fascination with death in the form of public execution to the entire demise of civilisations ourselves owing to repeated mistake that are supposed to have become cognitive. Speaking to Dave Davidson of Revocation we asked the singer about just what Great Is Our Sin truly entails and the answer was far larger than we thought…