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Album of the Year #6: Avantasia – Ghostlights
6th December 2016, 18:29
Posted by Chris

Call it want you want, but there’s no arguing that Tobias Sammet produces some of the finest power metal in the industry. His grandiose ambitions have come in the form of Avantasia in recent years, but ‘Ghostlights‘ is probably his greatest achievement yet.

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Live Review: Avantasia
10th March 2016, 13:12
Posted by Chris

The rise of Avantasia can be argued as something no-one would have really expected back on the release of the ‘Metal Opera‘ 15 years ago. We certainly would not have imagined that the grandiose project would see a live stage. But a few massive albums later, and a string of highly successful all-star performances, Tobias Sammet’s flying circus strikes in the heart of London.

Watch Avantasia’s Video For ‘Mystery of a Blood Red Rose’
3rd February 2016, 15:00
Posted by Chris

Avantasia don’t do things in small doses – the band have released a new video for the leading single ‘Mystery of a Blood Red Rose‘ to accompany the massive release of the new ‘Ghostlights‘ album.

Album Review: Avantasia – Ghostlights
27th January 2016, 11:52
Posted by Chris

One of the most highly anticipated heavy metal releases has finally arrived. Avantasia has continually won over hearts and minds releasing a series of powerful epics in a rock opera package, putting on some stunning live shows intermittently featuring some huge heavy metal talent. After a long while away, the story continues with ‘Ghostlights‘.

An Interview With: Tobias Sammet (Avantasia)
25th January 2016, 16:22
Posted by Chris

At Wacken 2011, Tobias Sammet decided that he would put his metal opera Avantasia to rest after 5 outstanding albums that delivered the very best of power metal talent in a unique musical package. In 2013 Tobias announced that Avantasia is just too special to peter out, proving that with a brilliant new album ‘The Mystery of Time‘ along with a grandiose string of shows. With a brand new album ‘Ghostlights‘ arriving this week, we catch up with Tobias to ask some questions about the album and what Avantasia means to him…

Avantasia’s Return Is Imminent
16th July 2015, 17:58
Posted by Chris

Yes folks! It has been confirmed that Tobias Sammet and his flying circus are planning a return sooner rather than later!