Are We Experiencing Social Media Overkill In The Scene
10th February 2017, 18:15
Posted by Tristan

Imagine a time before Facebook, before the serotonin releasing hunt for superficial likes on Instagram, before everyone had an opinion on Twitter. Hard for some of you but likely for those who remember a simpler time. It’s undeniable that social media has had a potentially irreversible impact on human existence but from a musical perspective, are we overdoing it? Featuring an exclusive interview clip with Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, we wonder are we in social media Overkill?

Five Tracks That Would Be Your Soundtrack To The Zombie Apocalypse
10th February 2017, 12:24
Posted by Tristan

And they’re not all “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. 

Gorguts : Watch Pleiades Dust
9th February 2017, 16:29
Posted by Tristan

At the forefront of the avant garde Gorguts stand alone. Returning with a new line up for the absolute tour de force, that was Colored Sands. Earning the accolade of Album of The Year when it was released, the record was not only a study in dissonance but the ideas presented were of a surpremely intellectual nature. Rewind to last year and Gorguts revealed their strike to the scene with their EP, Pleiades’ Dust and now for the first time you can witness it live. 

Eighteen Visions ReturnĀ 
9th February 2017, 10:24
Posted by Tristan

It’s no doubt that men now regretting wearing eye liner all over the globe have already heard, Eighteen Visions will return so here’s a crash course on their history and just why this is a big deal! 

Dive Into Pelagial Because The Ocean Will Return In 2017
8th February 2017, 15:58
Posted by Tristan

The Ocean have announced that they will be releasing their new album Transcendence later this year. So whilst we wait, why not plunder the depths of the genius that is Pelagial. 

Five Of Obituary’s Best Tracks And A New One
8th February 2017, 11:39
Posted by Tristan

Announcing their brand new self titled album for a March 17th release via Relapse, we had one listen to the brand new track and it got us feeling nostalgic. Obituary, no doubt have countless classics but here are five rippers (along with a new one) that we love. 

A Brief History of All That Remains
7th February 2017, 10:23
Posted by Tristan

Metalcore as many know is a genre in decline. The heydays of Taste of Chaos long behind, almost everyone was left in the dust by Killswitch Engage a sole phoenix to rise from the Metalcore ashes. Many others fell by the wayside and some adapted. Certain bands fared well adapting to their new environment others not so much and then there was All That Remains.

Mastodon And Why We Think Emperor Of Sand Will Rock
3rd February 2017, 11:40
Posted by Tristan

Somewhat of a household name now, Mastodon have reached one of the highest echelons in the name of Progressive Music. Despite their signing to the major label and for many the archfiend of the industry Warner Bros. previously, this only saw the far reaching arm of Mastodon extended. Conceptual in their ideas Mastodon do like a story. 

Benighted Announce Line Up Change
1st February 2017, 13:18
Posted by Tristan

After nineteen years, Olivier Gabriel will be saying goodbye and fans will be meeting Fack. 

Amon Amarth Announce US Leg With Goatwhore
1st February 2017, 12:15
Posted by Tristan

Now this will be a brutal show! 

Could Between The Buried And Me Be Touring Colors?
1st February 2017, 11:35
Posted by Tristan

The seminal Prog album that very much launched the band into their own mad stratosphere turns ten this year and are the band hinting at a commemorative tour? 

Watch Thy Art Is Murder Perform With CJ McMahon
1st February 2017, 10:40
Posted by Tristan

Something that wouldn’t have been a big deal now is something that makes the headlines! 

Download 2017 Adds Enormous Amount of Bands
1st February 2017, 10:19
Posted by Tristan

The UK’s biggest Metal festival has announced the addition of a further 48 band’s this morning and you’ll want to check out who. 

Chon Are In The Studio
31st January 2017, 13:23
Posted by Tristan

The instrumental troupe are currently recording their forthcoming record a follow to their 2015 effort, Grow. 

Opeth And Enslaved Team Up For Irish Shows
30th January 2017, 15:05
Posted by Tristan

Irish luck eh? 

Memoriam (Ex-Bolt-Thrower) Share Second TrailerĀ 
30th January 2017, 14:00
Posted by Tristan

You can get another look at that incredible Dan Seagrave inspired artwork and find out even more about the new record. Win- win! 

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