Avenged Sevenfold Live At The O2
27th January 2017, 13:00
Posted by Tristan

One of the biggest kept secrets of 2016, Avenged Sevenfold released their brand new record, keeping the entire operation a secret amazingly until one day before its release. Being the first band of its kind to do so it seems that the band are creating a record number of firsts with their massive arena tour culminating in tonight’s second performance at London’s O2 Arena. Bringing along for the ride the company of In Flames and Disturbed the shows are set to be one of the band’s biggest not only of their magnitude but their career. Having already mesmerised audiences on night one, we were there to witness the second dressing of The Stage.

Fleshgod Apocalypse & Carach Angren – Live At The Underworld
23rd January 2017, 14:51
Posted by Tristan

Concept albums are fast becoming some of the hottest Metal property on the market. Often needing flamboyant dressage with details ranging from costumes with the way into props, the air of the theatrical is more than just a force to be reckoned with. Having toured the US extensively together last year, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Carach Angren being their haunting theatre to a more European of audiences but will Horror outweigh Drama?

Live Review: Sirenia + Tyr + Unleash The Archers
19th January 2017, 12:40
Posted by Chris

It’s yet another one of life’s pleasures that descends upon London this evening, the magnificent tour package that constitutes the metal heavyweights of Sirenia and Tyr, and the addition of starlets Unleash The Archers. A diverse palette of metal that somehow appeases everyone, it’s one of those shows you simply can’t miss.

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Live Review: Sabaton + Accept + Twilight Force
16th January 2017, 22:04
Posted by Chris

In a world where veterans would take preference over those less experienced in the field, Accept would be headlining this power house of a heavy metal line-up this evening. It just goes to show though, Sabaton are that big now.

Bullet For My Valentine Live At Brixton Academy
14th December 2016, 16:00
Posted by Tristan

Featuring Cane Hill and Killswitch Engage.

Live Review: Lacuna Coil + Forever Still
30th November 2016, 17:48
Posted by Chris

Gothic metal still lives! Lacuna Coil proved that earlier this year with a career rejuvenating album release in ‘Delirium‘, and now look to the live stage once again to deliver those signature theatrics.

Live Review: Alter Bridge + Volbeat + Gojira + Like A Storm
30th November 2016, 16:23
Posted by Chris

To say the phrase ‘what a line up’ might be a bit of an understatement here. It’s simply colossal. Four bands, three of which could probably fill out an arena on their own, perform as one package in one of London’s finest venues. We couldn’t resist, and neither could 20’000 others.

Live Review : Never Say Die
9th November 2016, 15:48
Posted by Tristan

Featuring : Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Obey The Brave, Fallujah, Make Them Suffer and Polar! 

Live Review: For Today + Loathe
31st October 2016, 11:05
Posted by Chris

And so it ends For Today. The Christian metalcore outfit have decided to call it a day after 11 years on the road, and play their last ever UK show.

Live Review: Pain
25th October 2016, 11:00
Posted by Chris

Sweden’s prestige industrial output bring some sharp-edged ingenuity into the London live arena.

Katatonia Live At Shepherds Bush Empire : Live Review
24th October 2016, 17:22
Posted by Tristan

As the final breaths of summer come to a close the metaphorical demise of the year begins. The autumnal greeting of cold sees our trees dishevel, leaves fall and wind blow. Turning an amber glow the leaves serve as a reminder of the past, organically fading away to be born anew in the beginning of a new summer. Celebrating their decennium of The Great Cold Distance, Lachrymose romantics, Katatonia return to their wistful memories to deliver a set consisting of the album in its entirety along with a second set following each era of the band’s astonishing twenty five year lifespan. Spanning three hours worth of music before this mammoth undertaking however we were made privy to premiere talent in the new bloods.

Dark Funeral And Krisiun Live At The Underworld : Live Review
19th October 2016, 17:03
Posted by Tristan

The Black Metal fan, characterised by having overly long black hair, spiked arm bands, a fierce opinion or two and of course corpse paint. The Death Metal fan, no doubt some form of camo in there, the only fan to use the words “brutal” more than most and of course a horrific t shirt. Coming together these most unlikely of genres are in fact the perfect pairing. Releasing their brand new album Where Shadows Forever Reign, after five years Dark Funeral have returned. Gearing up for their extensive touring schedule of another album cycle, the Swedish warriors take to London tonight. With the help of our Brazilian amigos Krisiun at the helm we see just what happens when both Black Metal and Death Metal meet.

Live Review: Sonata Arctica + Twilight Force + Power Quest
17th October 2016, 09:00
Posted by Chris

It’s yet another power metal spectacular that graces the urban jungle of London, this time in the larger spaces of the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. We spent our Saturday evening embracing the power traditions of Power Quest, the epic symphonies of Twilight Force and the Nordic romance of Sonata Arctica.

Live Review: Equilibrium
6th October 2016, 10:22
Posted by Chris

The undisputed kings of epic metal return to London to unleash ‘Armageddon‘, gracing the intimate environment of The Underworld Camden.

ProgPower USA 2016: The Full Review
21st September 2016, 16:25
Posted by Chris

A lot of people ask us – ‘is it really worth travelling that far for such a small festival’?. We only answer ‘absolutely’. ProgPower USA has become a staple in the The Metalist’s summer festival diet, and also a indication that the festival season has officially wrapped up. 2016 boasts one of the best line-up’s yet, and we travelled to Atlanta to enjoy every moment of it.

Live Review: Soilwork
13th September 2016, 19:32
Posted by Chris

Soilwork have always been quite a live spectacle in whatever capacity I have had the pleasure of seeing them. This time around they are playing one of London’s most intimate venues in the The Underworld Camden, and we were there to soak up that melodic death metal energy.

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